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an effect on instant-off potential and this might need to be considered by CP opera- tors in the case of using VCI slurry in sup- plementing an existing ICCP system. How- ever, an experiment for longer duration or actual field trials is required to confirm the value of this effect and whether it is tran- sient or permanent. Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank their management and colleagues from Cortec Middle East, Abdulla Fouad-Impalloy, Ltd., Co., and Metal Samples Co., who provided insight and expertise that greatly assisted the research. References 1. S. Al-Sulaiman, H. Sabri, R. Rahim, "Evalua- tion of Cathodic Protection System Criteria On Constructed Tanks O ver Bituminous Sand Mix Layer," 14th Middle East Corrosion Conference, paper no. 63-CP-10 (Manama, Bahrain: NACE International, 2012). 2. X. Yu, "Evaluation of the Tank Bottom Corro- sion and CP Effectiveness at a Saudi Aramco Crude Oil Tank Farm ," 13th Middle East Corrosion Conference, paper no. 10043 (Ma- nama, Bahrain: NACE, 2013). 3. B. Chatterjee, "Prevention of External (Soil Side) Corrosion on Storage Tank Bottom Plates by Cathodic Protection System," COR- ROSION/08, paper no. 8058 (Houston, TX: NACE, 2008). 4. T. Whited, "Mitigation of Soil Side Corrosion on Double Contained Aboveground Storage Tank Floors," Cortec supplement to MP 51, 6 (2011): pp. 7-10. 5. S.R. Rials, J.H. Kiefer, "Evaluation of Corrosion Prevention Methods for Aboveground Stor- age Tank Bottoms," MP 32, 1 (1993): pp. 20-25. 6. A. Gandhi, "Storage Tank Bottom Protection Using Vapor-phase Corrosion Inhibitors," MP 40,1 (2001): pp. 28-30. 7. T. Whited, "Corrosion Slowed on Tank Bot- toms: Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors Used To Mitigate Corrosion Rate of a Double-Tank In- terstitial Space," Pipeline & Gas J. 32, 6 (2005): pp. 49-50. 8. R.A. Welsh, J. Beneifield, "Environmental Pro- tection through Automated Remote Monitor- ing of Fuel Storage Tank Bottoms Using Elec- trical Resistance Probes," MP 45, 3 (2006): p. 38-40. 9. B.A. Miksic, A.Y. Furman, M. Kharshan, "Stor- age Tank Protection Using Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors," MP 45, 6 (2006): pp. 34-37. 10. I.Y. Barnawi, "Comparison of Corrosion At- tack on Tank Bottoms With and Without Ca- thodic Protection," MP 51, 8 (2012): pp. 31-35. 11. T. Whited, X. Yu, R . Tems, "Mitigating Soil- Side Corrosion on Crude Oil Tank Bottoms Using Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors," COR- ROSION 2013, paper no. 2242 (Houston, TX: NACE, 2013). 12. A. Gandhi , K. Abed , "Measuring & Con- trolling Soil-Side Corrosion on Aboveground Storage Tank Bottoms Using ER Probes and Amine Carboxylate VpCI Technology," AIM 1, 9 (2015): pp. 22-25. This article is based on CORROSION 2016 paper no. 7600, presented in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Khalil Abed is the regional manager of Cortec Middle East, Sheikh Zayed Rd., PO Box 115133, Dubai, U.A.E., e-mail: Prior to his current position, he held several technical and managerial positions at multinational companies in the construction and oil and gas sectors. He has an M.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering from the American Evaluation of Impressed Current Cathodically Protected Tank Bottoms in the Presence of Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor University of Sharjah. He is a member of NACE International. Pankaj Panchal is the engineering manager and general manager (UAE) of Abdulla Fouad Impalloy Ltd. Co., PO Box 257, Dammam 31411, Saudi Arabia, e-mail: He is an electrical engineer with more than 22 years of experi- ence in CP and corrosion control systems, including surveys, design engineering, project management, analyses, inspec- tion, and troubleshooting in the corrosion industry. A member of NACE, he is a NACE Corrosion Specialist and CP Specialist. Amish Gandhi is a consultant-internal corrosion monitoring at Metal Samples Co., PO Box 8, 152 Metal Samples Rd., Munford, AL 36268, e-mail: amishg@alspi. com. He has more than 14 years of field experience in designing and delivering corrosion monitoring solutions for multi- ple industries (oil/gas upstream, refining, transportation pipeline). He has handled a large customer base in the Asia Pacific, Middle East , Far East, and European regions, supporting various corrosion monitoring applications. Environmentally Safe VpCI ® /MCI ® Technologies EXCELLENCE Q U A I T Y ® C O R P O R AT I O N White Bear Parkway St. Paul, MN 55110 USA 1-800-4-CORTEC Dual functioning MCI ® increases chloride threshold and reduces corrosion once initiated to dramatically increase service life of structures 23 CORTEC SUPPLEMENT TO MP MATERIALS PERFORMANCE JUNE 2016

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