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AUG 2018

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23 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE: VOL. 57, NO. 8 AUGUST 2018 SPECTR ACRON 128 industrial shop primer, a fast-drying primer designed for applicators seeking fast dry times and strong protection over steel substrates. With volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of only 2.8 lb/gal (1.3 kg/L), the low-VOC primer meets stringent environmental regulations while delivering rust-inhibi- tive protection in corrosive environments. Available in gray and red oxide, it is a single-component, high-solids primer for structural steel, agricultural equipment, industrial equipment, material handling equipment, and other miscellaneous metal fabrication applications. Tel: +1 724- 742-5492, w w Videoscope for Component Inspections Nondestructive testing technologies group Olympus (Waltham, Massachusetts, USA) provides the iPLEX NX videoscope for inspecting various machine components. The videoscope consists of a small camera mounted on a length of cable, with light sources incorporated into the tip of the probe. The camera is controlled remotely by an operator while it is inserted in the cavity to be inspected, thereby allowing users to carry out inspections without causing damage to delicate pieces of equipment. The iPLEX NX is equipped with three-dimensional (3-D) stereo mea- surement capability for large areas, which can increase the efficiency of inspecting larger defects. With a measurement area wider than conventional scopes, the image The Latest Tools for Fighting Corrosion Continued on page 24 Wetblast FLEX All-in-one, portable system. Wetblast anywhere, any wetblast application—now! Wetblast Injector Add-on conversion kit. Economically adds wetblast capability to most dry blast machines. High-Performance Dust Suppression for Abrasive Blasting NACE International offers more than 400 books covering every aspect of corrosion control in all industries. For more information, visit the NACE Store at

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