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AUG 2018

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24 AUGUST 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM quality improvements support accurate readings and increase the probability of f law detection. The iPLEX NX has a tip-to- target range of 4 to 60 mm, enabling the observation of f laws in often inaccessible areas such as heat exchanger tubes or tur- bine blades. The 3-D stereo optics enable accurate measurements for highly ref lec- tive materials, as well as the thin ends and edges of components that might otherwise be too narrow for readings. Tel: +1 781-419- 3900, web site: w w Cathodic Protection for Marine Oil and Gas Assets Electrochemical anodes manufacturer M AGN ETO Special A nodes (Schiedam, The Netherlands) is offering customized titanium anode systems for oil and gas facilities in marine env ironments. The company's products include mi xed metal ox ide (MMO) and platinum-coated tita- nium anodes that have been specif ically designed to deliver impressed current cathodic protection for offshore con- structions such as vessels, oil rigs, jett y piles, w indfarms, and storage tanks. The titanium anodes can be equipped w ith substrates made from various materials such as niobium or tantalum. The port- folio includes iridium MMO, ruthenium MMO, and platinum-based solutions, w ith each possessing distinct reactive properties. The company produces cus- tomized anodes w ith tailored size, shape, and coating specif ications, rang- ing from small-scale solutions spanning several square centimeters to larger, meters-long units, as well as bulk capaci- ties. M AGN ETO also supplies a variet y of durable anode structures such as tubes, sheets, discs, meshes, w ires, and rods to address f urther subsea project needs. Tel: +31 (0) 10 -262- 0788, web site: w w Epoxy for Interior Use Dunn-Edwards (Los Angeles, California, USA), a manufacturer and distributor of industrial paints and supplies, introduced ENDUR ACAT high-performance epoxy for interior applications. The product is an epoxy-fortified, ultra-low volatile organic compound (VOC), pre-catalyzed, water- based, single-component coating. Intended for use on properly prepared interior metal, wood, dry wall, and masonry, it provides strong adhesion with excellent chemical resistance. The epoxy can be applied to interiors in high mainte- nance, institutional, and commercial areas such as hospitals, schools, hotels, and cafeterias. The low-VOC epoxy is ideal for use in environments where frequent cleaning, moisture, or mildew conditions may exist. Tel: +1 323-826-2667, web site: w w Continued f rom page 23 Need Protection On or Near the Water? Canadian Office: 780-447-1114 Email: U.S. Office: 918-805-7587 Website: We have the solution to help you Protect your Assets and our Environment! PRODUCT SHOWCASE MP welcomes submissions of product press releases and photos for Product Showcase. Please send them to the attention of Anthony Punt, NACE International; tel: +1 281-228-6433; email:

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