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AUG 2018

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37 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE: VOL. 57, NO. 8 AUGUST 2018 metallic-based materi als, but per- for ma nce is dependent on how close the system is to the seawater environment and how long the fas- tener is wetted. For example, type 304 stain less steel bolt i ng has sur vived more than 20 years in a wood jetty just above t he t ida l zone. How ever, severe crevice corrosion caused fail- ures of the stainless steel bolting in the tidal zone. Alu minum bolting has performed well in a concrete bridge above the splash zone for more t han 20 years. In addition, alloy 400 bolt ing has provided in- definite service in wooden struc- t ures and steel pil ing in marine splash and spray environments. Acknowledgment Preparation of this article was supported by the Nickel Develop - ment Instit ute, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Reference 1. R.M. Davison, J.D. Redmond, Materials Per formance 27, 12 (1988): p. 39. From the Author—Today's Practice An update of this article was presented by R.W. (Bud) Ross at CORROSION 2000, paper no. 617, presented in Orlando, Florida, USA. The paper provides additional guidelines on the selection of marine fasteners and includes newer nickel-containing alloys, which offer im- proved marine corrosion resistance and higher strength. The publication is available from NACE In- ternational or the Nickel Institute web site: (Alloys for Marine Fas- teners 14054) by searching the Submenu item "Technical Library" under the Main Menu "Technical Help." —Bud Ross Jr. Practical Guide To Using Marine Fasteners MP Article Index Back to 1962 MP articles is available online in PDF format. MP Web site,, click on " MP Index." NACE NEW ORLEANS SECTION 20TH ANNUAL EDUCATION WEEK DECEMBER 3-8, 2018 • NEW ORLEANS AIRPORT HILTON Register for NACE Section Local Courses at NACE NEW ORLEANS SECTION COURSES DATES PRICE INSTRUCTOR Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production (COG) December 3-5 $400 Charlie Speed, Consultant Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) December 3-5 $500 Peter Bock, CUI Consultant Rectifier School (RECT) December 3-4 $250 Trey Johnston, Corrpro Oilfield Operator Chemical School (OOCS) December 6-7 $300 Charlie Speed & 15 Other Experts ( GENERAL NACE EDUCATION COURSES DATES PRICE NACE CERTIFIED INSTRUCTORS Basic Corrosion (BC) December 3-7 For pricing and to register for these NACE General Education courses, go to nolacourses Bop Phull Designing For Corrosion Control (DCC) December 3-7 Jerry Byrd Corrosion in Refining Industry (CCRI) December 3-7 Ray Quinter Protective Coatings Specialist (PCS-1 BASIC) December 3-5 Kat Coronado Protective Coatings Specialist (PCS-2 ADVANCED) December 6-8 Kat Coronado Students are responsible for hotel reservations. Contact the New Orleans Airport Hilton at +1 504-469-5000 or 1 800-445-8667 and ask for the NACE Event Rate Code: NAC. Room rate is $139/night. For pricing and to register for NACE General Education courses, go to For information about New Orleans Section Events, go to For questions, call Charlie Speed at +1 504-400-7878 I N T E R N A T I O N A L

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