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AUG 2018

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51 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE: VOL. 57, NO. 8 AUGUST 2018 Continued on page 53 COATINGS & LININGS ESSENTIALS Corrosion-Inhibiting Primer Helps Restore Historic Croatian Monument The 640 shell holes in the Vukovar Water Tower will remain untouched as a symbol of the city's destruction and its resistance during the Croatian War of Independence in the early 1990s. Wikimedia Commons photo. e preservation of an historic war- destructed monument, the Vukovar Water Tower in Vukovar, Croatia, was recently ac- complished using a novel rust primer with migrating corrosion inhibitor technology. Manufactured by corrosion control tech- nologies group Cortec Corp. (St. Paul, Min- nesota, USA), the patented corrosion inhib- iting primer is designed to protect the reinforcing metal in concrete from corrosion. Corroded surfaces of the 50-m (165-ft) tall Vukovar tower were left unprotected and allowed to rust for 23 years after the end of the Croatian War of Independence in 1995. Finally, in early 2018, significant con- struction work began on the monument's refurbishment. After mechanically removing loose rust and scale with a wire brush, coating appli- cators washed the metal surfaces with water to remove excess salt contamination and dust. en the rust-converting primer—which can be applied to dry or damp surfaces—was applied directly to the metal surfaces at 3 to 5 mils (75 to 125 µm) of dry film thickness. Since overspray of the primer on the interior concrete surface dur- ing repair operations could affect the repair mortar's adhesion to the preexisting con- crete, the primer was applied by brush to the Vukovar Water Tower. e water-based, non-flammable primer combines chelating agents with a high- solids, waterborne latex that has extremely low water vapor permeability. e single- component liquid primer converts rust into a hydrophobic passive layer before coating it with a film-forming latex, which comprises n Fast response precision sensors provide accurate, repeatable readings n Auto Log mode—automatically records environmental parameters at user-selected intervals n Includes PosiSoft suite of software for viewing and reporting data n Advanced models upload readings to and send email alerts using WiFi 1 -8 0 0-448-3835 www. d efelsko. com NEW! Probe Models Award Winning Compatibility! The PosiTector gage accepts ALL coating thickness, surface profile, environmental, soluble salt, Shore hardness and ultrasonic wall thickness probes. D eFelsko Corporation l Ogdensburg, New York USA Tel: +1-315-393-4450 l Email: t NEW Select from 4 probe styles Integral probe n Integral n Cabled n Wind Speed n 1/2" NPT Threads Measures and records environmental conditions

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