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AUG 2018

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68 AUGUST 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM NACE NEWS An Exemplary Response to a Critical Industry Need for Work Force Development Joe H. Payer, Emeritus Chief Scientist, The Corrosion Center (NCERCAMP), The University of Akron O ver time, industry has expressed a critical need for skilled workers in the field of corrosion and materials performance. Corrosion has a huge impact on the U.S. economy and there's a severe shortage of qualified workers. The University of Akron (UA) in Akron, Ohio, responded to this need through the development of the most comprehensive academic program for cor- rosion and materials performance in the United States, the National Center for Edu- cation and Research on Corrosion and Materials Performance (NCERCAMP). The motivation and incentive for the corrosion program were from two primary sources: the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Cor- rosion Policy and Oversight (CPO) Office and the corrosion and materials perfor- mance industry. Both recognized the criti- cal need for subject matter experts, engineers, and technologists in corrosion control and mitigation. The program bene- fitted from generous support, advice, shared expertise, and funding resources for faculty, facilities, and projects. In addition, opportunities were provided for co-op positions, internships, and fulltime em- ployment for our students. Based on feed- back and reviews, the students have fulfilled their role and now provide a stream of qualified subject matter experts to "Fight Corrosion—The Insidious Enemy," a motto of the DoD CPO. A Comprehensive, Multi-Level Corrosion Education Program UA began developing a B.S. degree in corrosion engineering in 2006, which launched in 2010 with 10 students. This ABET-accredited degree in corrosion remains the only one in the United States. Graduate and post-graduate edu- cation and research are carried out at NCERCAMP and by faculty in many disci- plines. Establishment of a comprehen- sive, multi-level corrosion education program is fulfilled by the Corrosion Engineering Technology Program, launched in Fall 2017, where an associate of applied science in corrosion engineer- ing and technology and a certificate in corrosion technology are offered. At the middle school and high school levels, a session of The ASM International Materi- als Camp for Teachers is offered annually on the UA campus. The science and tech- nology teachers each receive the NACE Foundation's cKit (corrosion toolkit) for experiments that can be taken back and used in their classrooms. Employers of Corrosion Program Graduates A snapshot of industrial sectors and companies who have hired our B.S. corro- sion engineering students substantiates the breadth of needs from industry and the opportunities for program graduates. Employers by industry sector include petroleum pipelines and refining; gas and oil exploration, production, and transpor- tation; naval and commercial shipping; protective coatings and specialty chemi- cals; automotive manufacturers and com- ponents; manufacturers of electric power and telecommunications products; and consulting and services for corrosion, materials performance, and integrity. The first associates degree program students will graduate in May 2019. Based on the employer interests, placement is expected with a wide selection of career opportunities. Accomplishments of Students of the Nation's First B.S. Degree in Corrosion Engineering The first students of UA's B.S. corro- sion program graduated in 2015. Since then, 31 students have graduated from the program: 26 found full-time employment in the corrosion engineering field, and four went on to graduate school (Texas A&M University, University of Virginia, Ohio State University, and The University of Akron) to continue their corrosion studies. The students have secured full- time employment in a wide range of industries in addition to co-op and intern- ship employment as undergraduates. Employers report that graduates are well prepared for their fulltime positions, and graduates report a high degree of job satisfaction. Associates Degree in Corrosion Engineering Technology The Corrosion Engineering Technology Program prepares students to evaluate corrosion of materials in the field and in laboratories and facilities to apply strate- gies for corrosion mitigation. Individuals with this degree can find employment in a broad range of industries—including the oil and gas, chemical processing, construc- tion, protective coatings, transportation, and government agencies such as the DoD. Emphasis in the program is on real-world,

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