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AUG 2018

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Your Association in Action 69 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE: VOL. 57, NO. 8 AUGUST 2018 N A C E O F F I C E R S P R E S I D E N T Jeffrey L. Didas* Matcor, Inc. Tucson, AZ, USA V I C E P R E S I D E N T Terry Greenfield* CorroMetrics Services, Inc. Mobile, AL, USA T R E A S U R E R Michael Ames* Chapman Engineering Boerne, TX, USA P A S T P R E S I D E N T Samir Degan* Osnar Paints and Contracts Pvt. Mumbai, India C H I E F E X E C U T I V E O F F I C E R Robert H. Chalker* NACE International Houston, TX, USA D I R E C T O R S Debra Boisvert/2015-2019 Target Products, Ltd. Burnaby, BC, Canada Mohammed Al-Subaie/2016-2019 Saudi Aramco Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Jorge Cantó/2016-2019 Corrosion y Proteccion Hidalgo, Mexico Cris Conner/2016-2019 Utility Service & Maintenance, Inc. St. Louis, MO, USA Andrew Haiko/2016-2019 LTK Engineering Services Ambler, PA, USA Eric Langelund/2016-2019 Piping & Corrosion Specialties, Inc. Millersville, MD, USA Daniel P. Adley/2017-2019 KTA-Tator, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA, USA C. Lindsay Enloe/2017-2020 Utility Safety & Design Swansea, IL, USA Michael S. O'Brien/2017-2020 MARK 10 Resource Group, Inc. Richmond, VA, USA Toyoji Takeuchi/2017-2020 Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. Yokosuka, Japan Bernardo Duran/2018-2021 AZZ Metal Coatings Fort Worth, TX, USA Amir Eliezer/2018-2021 TRYMER, Ltd. Beer-Sheva, Israel Ryan Tinnea/2018-2021 Tinnea & Associates Seattle, WA, USA E X O F F I C I O D I R E C T O R S Keith Perkins President, NACE International Foundation Chris Fowler, FNACE President, NACE International Institute *Executive Committee members hands-on, experiential learning. Students learn sound science and engineering prin- ciples of corrosion and materials perfor- mance and apply these to practical applications for corrosion mitigation using cathodic protection, coatings, and water treatment/inhibitors. Projects involve design, materials selection, integ- rity management, and corrosion risk man- agement. Students are prepared for future certification by professional technical associations, such as NACE International and SSPC—The Society for Protective Coatings. Faculty and Research Six technical thrusts capture the faculty subject matter expertise and research interests: 8 Materials Performance 8 Advanced Materials Development 8 Computational Modeling of Corrosion Processes and Mitigation Methods 8 Corrosion Mitigation and Risk Management 8 Analytical Tools and Spectroscopies 8 Technical Development and Deployment There are five tenure track corrosion engineering faculty, and 20 affiliated fac- ulty in relevant disciplines to corrosion and materials performance. These affili- ated faculties have active graduate student programs for M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Corrosion and Reliability Engineering (CAREs) iLaboratory This laboratory and project/computer room support undergraduate student edu- cation and special projects for the B.S. and associates degree programs. Undergraduate students in the Corrosion and Reliability Engineering Laboratory. Your Association in Action

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