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AUG 2018

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71 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE: VOL. 57, NO. 8 AUGUST 2018 Mentors Make a Difference Find a mentor. Be a mentor. If not, what does participation in a NACE technical committee really mean to you as a prospective member of the STG 44 community? Our exciting world encom- passes everything in, on, and near the ocean, from shipbuilding (e.g., how do you protect your shiny new vessel, small or large, from the rigors of seawater, salt spray, barnacles, and the like); to mainte- nance (e.g., how do you assess and manage hull roughness during dry-docking, or find the best treatment system to protect your ballast tanks); and even the challenges to the newer energy-producing assets such as wind farms for which, by the way, long- term corrosion protection experience is definitely lacking. So much to hear and talk about, so much to learn and put into practice within the marine community. But wait…there's more! Our STG 44 membership is selfless in our quest to share knowledge throughout international organizations whose values are aligned with NACE's commitment to protecting people, assets, and the environ- ment. Accordingly, STG 44 is also engaged in supporting global activities, including: 8 The collaboration between NACE and the Active Shipbuilding Experts' Federation (ASEF) on biofouling and coatings topics 8 Representation on the International Maritime Organization (IMO) ad hoc committee to help guide NACE activi- ties within the IMO 8 Participation in the maintenance working group that is evaluating the AWEA's (American Wind Energy Association) Offshore Compliance Recommended Practices (OCRP) 2012 document 8 Contribution to European Federation of Corrosion (EFC)/NACE/North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Standardization Agreement (STANAG) working party that is to assist with conversion of four NATO Allied Engineering Publications (AEPs 59, 60, 61, and 63) concerning ship preserva- tion into NACE/EFC standards. In summary, wherever in the world a marine-corrosion challenge exists, STG 44 membership will reach our hands across the ocean and embrace the opportunity to bring our expertise to the forefront. If you are looking for a NACE commit- tee to join, where you can learn from your peers and make a difference in the marine world, come on in and join us—it's good to dip a toe in the water! You can check out the STG 44 committees that will be meet- ing during Corrosion Technology Week (CTW) 2018 in Houston, Texas, USA, Sep- tember 16-20, 2018. For more information on this event, please visit (—Dawn Eden, Chair, STG 44) To learn more about STG 44 and other STGs that represent your industry, visit Please direct any questions about the TCC or STGs to Ardjan Kopliku at and include "TCC (or STG) Questions" in the subject line. Shaping the industry starts with you. Join a NACE STG and share your expertise! There are no additional fees required for participation in the STGs or other NACE technical coordination committees. Not a NACE member yet? Call FirstService toll free today at 1 800-797-NACE (6223), or send an email to In Memoriam L arry E. Beil passed away on March 24, 2018 at the age of 82. He was born on June 9, 1935 in Kansas City, Missouri. He passed away at his home in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Beil was a graduate of Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. He was a NACE International-certified Corrosion Specialist and a NACE member for 50+ years. He worked for Cathodic Protection Services in Houston, Texas for 18 years and later owned his own company in Denver, Colorado called Corrosion Spe- cialists, Ltd. He was very active in his local NACE section and went to almost every meeting. He worked right up through the day before his passing. Beil is survived by his wife of 60 years, Bobbie (Sanders) Beil; daughters Laura Beil and Sandra (Scott) Skibness; grand- daughters Lindsey, Julia, and Caroline; sisters-in-law Tess Gwaltney and Joyce (Don) Butler ; and several nieces and nephews. He will be greatly missed. (—Candy Balerio) G eorge Milton Jef- fares, beloved husband and father, passed away on April 5, 2018, at the age of 93. Born in Meridian, Mis- sissippi, he was the son of the late Robert M. Jeffares and Annie Laurie Mayatt Jeffares. He attended Mississippi State University (MSU) and Georgia Institute of Technology, earning his B.S. degree in chemical engi- neering from MSU in 1945. He served in the U.S. Army in 1945-1946 and married Carolyn Gentry Jeffares on June 4, 1948. Jeffares began working at Plantation Pipeline Co. in 1947 and worked as a corro- sion engineer for Plantation for 44 years. Continued on page 72 Your Association in Action

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