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15 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE: VOL. 57, NO. 9 SEPTEMBER 2018 Continued on page 16 Information on corrosion control and prevention Severe pitting was found in a double-shell tank that was recently discovered to be leaking. Photo courtesy of DOE. A 2018 inspection of the tanks identified additional degradation that was not present in prior inspections. Image courtesy of DOE. In the latest round of testing, investigators found that two tanks had spots showing signif i- cant thinning in a ring around the shell's wall. According to the study, these tanks received condensate from ventilation systems, which could have formed a potentially corrosive layer. The report explains that the volume of condensate on the walls is made worse due to the waste in those tanks generat- ing higher temperatures, which may have accelerated the corrosion. When com- pared to prior ultrasonic testing con- ducted in 2010, additional degradation was found in these tanks in 2018, with losses as high as 33% from the nominal wall thickness. For the two tanks exposed to ventila- tion system condensate, the liquid will now be treated elsewhere at the site, according to the report. Later this year, new robots small enough to f it inside the ventilation spaces may also be used to learn more about the tanks' current con- dition in the annulus. While other tanks do not contain waste generating the same high temper- atures, ultrasonic testing did f ind at least some thinning of the steel bottom in nine of the 11 inspected tanks.

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