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Clock Spring Clock Spring Provides Solutions for Critical Infrastructure Clock Spring has been the leader in composite repairs for nearly three decades in all streams of the global oil and gas industry. The company originated with a group of inno- vators who believed composite technology was appropriate for pipeline repair and reinforcement. Its initial composite solution was a crack arrestor for high-pressure lines, but soon, investments were made to design a permanent pipe- line repair system. The Clock Spring development team began creating products, which were tested by the Gas Research Institute (GRI) to verify their effectiveness, durability, and perfor- mance characteristics. The decade-long testing program, which assumed worst-case conditions, included extensive burst testing, stress rupture tests, field validations, cathodic shielding testing, and cathodic disbondment test. When the results were submitted to the U.S. Department of Transpor- tation, the organization changed its language and recog- nized Clock Spring ® as a permanent repair. Today, Clock Spring is the world's leading manufacturer of permanent and temporary composite pipe repair and pipe work overhaul solutions, delivering easy-to-install, cost-effective, durable solutions that asset owners have come to trust. Clock Spring solutions require no cutting or welding, so they pose no safety or environmental risk and incur no costly downtime during installation. Pipeline operations can continue while reinforcements or repairs are made. Because a typical installation takes about 30 minutes and delivers a full cure after two hours, overwrapping and back- filling can take place in the same day. Clock Spring has expanded its product line, acquiring engineered, carbon-fiber composite solutions that, added to the technology developed by Clock Spring, deliver the indus- try's most complete and comprehensive suite of composite repair solutions. Market-leading DiamondWrap ® products deliver repairs in the oil and gas industry's most exacting environments, extending Clock Spring's solutions to trans- mission pipelines and high-consequence process piping. Clock Spring products also include Advanced Valve Technologies' (AVT's), cutting-edge industrial valve prod- ucts with minimally invasive compact fittings. Ranked among the industry's most innovative solutions, the award- winning AVT EZ™ Valve is designed with a built-in isolation gate that allows the valve to be installed under pressure in challenging conditions. AVT products are safe and easy to install for corrosion or emergency line repair, maintaining pipeline integrity throughout the installation. The in-house engineering team has developed pioneering equipment that includes valve insertion tools, tapping machines, and a mechanical in-line stopper system for repairing and rein- forcing vital pipelines. 621 Lockhaven Dr. Houston, TX 77073, USA Tel: +1 281-590-8491 Email: Web site: Extending the reach for these products through Clock Spring's global network will enable a more profound impact on critical infrastructure that will allow safe and sustainable management and maintenance. Ingenuity, innovation, and creative thinking will lead to better products and better ways of working that are safer and more sustainable. Clock Spring's vision is to deliver solutions for repairing and rebuilding critical infrastructure across sectors that are safe, easy to install, and cost-effec- tive to deploy. Like NACE, Clock Spring has prioritized protecting people, assets, and the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion. Clock Spring is taking a leading role. Its investment in better technical solutions is an investment in the future. Clock Spring-trained and certified technicians install a composite repair offshore. (Photo courtesy of Clock Spring Company, Inc.) W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM SEPTEMBER 2018 A20

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