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Materials Performance is the world's most widely circulated magazine dedicated to corrosion prevention and control. MP provides information about the latest corrosion control technologies and practical applications for every industry and environment.

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F W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM SEPTEMBER 2018 A26 For centuries, corrosion has been recognized as a threat because of its role in the degradation of metal—in ships, buildings, and other infrastructure that are a crucial part of our existence. Since the time of Plato (427 to 347 B.C. 1 ), mankind has been working on solutions to prevent the corrosion of metal. From early milestones in corrosion control, such as the use of red and white lead, gypsum, bitumen, and tar to wrap iron (in the early 1500s), to the development of cathodic protection (CP) made at the dawn of the modern age (early 1800s), 1 these pioneering practices have formed the groundwork for the knowledge and experiences that have propelled technology forward in the corrosion control industry. As part of our tribute to NACE International's 75th anniversary, Materials Performance reached out to several NACE members from across the globe to get their perspective on advances in corrosion control that have played a key role in the industry's success in mitigating corrosion today. Our question to them: "What do you consider to be the major corrosion control innovations in your particular field over the last 75 years, and why?" Turn the page to see their answers. Roundtable Panelists Share Historical Milestones in Corrosion Control Key Innovations Over the Past 75 Years Pave the Way for Today's Successful Corrosion Mitigation Kathy Riggs Larsen, Editor

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