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Materials Performance is the world's most widely circulated magazine dedicated to corrosion prevention and control. MP provides information about the latest corrosion control technologies and practical applications for every industry and environment.

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U.S. Minerals Fight Corrosion with Industry-Leading Abrasives In the fight against the adverse effects of corrosion, you deserve a trusted partner. U.S. Minerals is proud to produce Black Diamond abrasive products, industry-lead- ing blasting media that hits harder and cleans faster. Black Diamond can blast nearly any surface to the target profile and finish. Black Diamond offers the largest variety of grades and materials, so even a unique application can pair perfectly with one of our blasting media grades. More than supplying a product you can rely on, our tradition is to deliver outstanding customer care and industry-leading quality. To ensure performance, we conduct rigorous tests on our products to guarantee every delivery maintains the con- sistent, high performance our customers expect and deserve. All raw materials and finished products are tested on a regular basis. During processing, product tests are conducted to verify that granules are produced to specifica- tion, and every truck and rail car is sampled during the load- ing process and tested prior to shipment. Along with performance, we are committed to the cus- tomer experience. We're known to work odd hours, or even work around-the-clock, so that no need goes unserved. Our 18635 West Creek Dr. Tinley Park, IL 60477, USA Tel: 1 800-803-2803 Web site: accessibility guarantee plus access to truck and rail delivery ensures extremely fast service, even in a difficult freight market. No matter where you use our product or what the appli- cation, we can supply a wide range of slag abrasive prod- ucts from a network of plants and distributors close to your plant or job site. U.S. Minerals locations include headquar- ters in Tinley Park, IL; processing plants in Anaconda, MT; Baldwin, IL; Coffeen, IL; Galveston, TX; Harvey, LA; La Cygne, KS; and Roberts, WI; and a warehousing facility in Ogden, UT. Our abrasive materials include coal slag, iron silicate, and a variety of specialty abrasive products. Customers can choose from seven grades, including custom blends for specific requirements. Gradations options include 1040, 1240, 1630, 2040, 3060, and 4080. Black Diamond abrasive products are available in bulk (truck, rail), bagged (50, 80, 100 lb) and in super sacks. We would love to discuss your next blasting project with you. To learn more about Black Diamond or to find a dis- tributor, visit or call 1 800- 803-2803. Black Diamond Abrasives Chosen for USS Turner Joy Restoration The USS Turner Joy is a Vietnam War-era destroyer ship. Commissioned in 1959 and retired in 1982, the ship now operates as a naval museum. When it was due for its 15-year maintenance, the crew ordered Black Diamond Iron Silicate abrasives to remove 25 tons of sea growth, as well as the 15-year epoxy paint covering the bottom half of the ship, in only 10 days. W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM SEPTEMBER 2018 A50

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