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OCT 2018

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OCTOBER 2018 MATERIALSPERFORMANCE: VOL. 57, NO. 10 33 these technologies, and soon most equipment will be "smart" and connected, with monitoring, reporting and communications capabilities. This will increase automation, enhance productivity, and generate huge amounts of data. The costs of storing data are falling exponentially with Moore's Law (see figure at right). The impact of these trends is significant. Many corrosion con- trol activities will no longer require traveling to a field location to gather the necessary data; the data will already have been collected, and corro- sion control personnel will be needed to manage, process, validate, integrate, and analyze huge sets of "big data" to identify problems and deter- mine appropriate remedial measures. Industries will need tools, systems, and infrastructure to manage data, and ensure accessibility, security, and compatibility of critical data. Labor costs across the world are increasing; the real cost of sending a technician with a truck and tools out to perform corrosion control work is increasing at a higher rate. Businesses are under constant pres- sure to reduce operating costs where they can. This necessity drives innovation in increased automation to reduce manpower requirements. SUM M A RY Expectations for public safety and protection of the environment are increasing, leading to addi- tional requirements. Energy production in the United States is undergoing a revolution, and that will present additional challenges for corrosion control. Labor costs are increasing and communi- cations/electronics costs are decreasing, leading to increased automation and needs for under- standing the data produced. These trends will continue to have a significant impact on the future of the corrosion control industry. MP Source: Drew Hevle is manager of Corrosion Control for Kinder Morgan's natural gas pipeline group, based in Houston, Texas, USA. He is a past chair of the NACE Technical Coordination Committee and continues to be active on many technical committees. His hobbies are corrosion control and cathodic protection.

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