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OCT 2018

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Symposia Materials and Integrity in Oil Sands This symposium will include technical papers on oil sands from owner-operators, vendors, consultants, and researchers. Areas of interest include (but are not limited to) corrosion, failures, wear, process, material selection, asset integrity, and can be related to steam-assisted gravity drainage, down-hole, or surface equipment/facilities. Sponsoring Committee: TEG 341X Chair: Tesfaalem (Tesfa) Haile Vice Chair: Duane Serate Oil and Gas Coating Technology – Day 1 This symposium will include technical papers on polymeric coating and TSA papers in the following themes: 1. residual stresses in coatings, 2. failure modes of pipeline coatings, 3. edge delamination of 3LPO pipeline coatings, 4. blister mechanism, 5. long life (>25 years) offshore wind-mill coatings, 6. acid tank linings, 7. CUI coatings, 8. high-temperature (>200 °C) coatings, 9. salt removal coatings, 10. offshore platform deck coatings. Sponsoring Committees: TG 260 and TG 470 Chair: Benjamin T.A. Chang Vice Chair: Shaoguang Feng Passivity & Localized Corrosion – Research in Progress This symposium will include presentations related to recent research involving passivity and localized corrosion in all forms, including mechanisms of passivation, breakdown, pitting, crevice corrosion, intergranular attack, and any applications thereof. Contributions highlighting alloys and treatments to improve passivity and resistance to localized corrosion as well as papers describing novel and innovative approaches for studying these areas will be discussed. Sponsoring Committee: Research Committee Chair: Jason Lee Vice Chair: Xihua He Pipeline Integrity – Day 1 This symposium will include technical papers on all aspects of pipeline integrity that can include pipeline integrity management, inspection, in-line inspection, assessment, mitigation, rehabilitation, operational aspects, regulatory issues, present and upcoming technologies, methods, experiences, case studies, etc. Sponsoring Committees: TEG 267X Chair: Tony Poulassichidis Vice Chair: Pamela Moreno Real-Time Corrosion Monitoring for Process Applications: Technology, Experiences, Case Studies This symposium will include technical papers on new real-time corrosion monitoring technologies for process applications including crude oil refining, petrochemical and chemical plants, as well as other process plants. Technologies of interest include but are not limited to electrochemical techniques, high-resolution electrical resistance methods, as well as newer data and software-based analytical approaches. The symposium has a targeted interest in facilitating plant operators to share their real-time corrosion monitoring implementation experiences and case studies. Sponsoring Committee: TEG 100X Chair: Kwei-Meng Yap Vice Chair: Clay Brittain Recent Experiences with Nickel, Titanium, Zirconium, and Other Corrosion-Resistant Alloys – Day 1 This symposium will include technical papers on the practical use and experience with corrosion-resistant alloys including nickel base, titanium, zirconium, and other corrosion-resistant alloys. Sponsoring Committee: STG 39 Chair: Ralph Baessler Vice Chair: Ajit Mishra The Digital Asset Transformation – Driving Value for Corrosion and Asset Integrity Management – Day 1 This symposium will include the benefits of recent developments and industry trends in digital technologies for corrosion and integrity management. Many industry sectors are seeking to increase efficiency and reduce costs through the application of digitalization and technologies such as 3D visualization and the Internet of Things (IoT). The transforming potential in "big data" capture, information management and analytics, and the possibilities for implementing artificial intelligence (AI), all of which can reduce risk and facilitate better decision making, are fully applicable to the management of corrosion and asset integrity regardless of industry type. The symposium will endeavor to obtain papers from different industries covering a broad range of topics on these new developments from both technology providers and end users/asset operators. Sponsoring Committee: STG 08 Chair: Cecilie Haarseth Vice Chair: Christopher Houghton TUESDAY, MARCH 26 AC Interference, AC-Induced Corrosion, AC Risk Assessment, Monitoring, and Mitigation This symposium will include papers on alternating current (AC) interference on buried pipelines, AC-induced corrosion, AC risk assessment, monitoring, and mitigation. Sponsoring Committee: STG 05 Chair: Meng Lopez-Garrity Vice Chair: Casey Heinrich CO 2 /H 2 S Corrosion in Wet Hydrocarbon Containing Environments – Day 2 This symposium will include technical papers on laboratory and/or field experience of CO 2 /H 2 S corrosion and mitigation in hydrocarbon- containing environments. Sponsoring Committee: TEG 059X Chair: Krista Heidersbach Vice Chair: Ziru Zhang Coatings & Inhibitors – Research in Progress – Day 2 This symposium will include presentations related to the development of new coatings or inhibitors, fundamental understanding of their protection and failure mechanisms, and innovative testing methods for performance evaluations. Topics of interest include sustainable coatings, smart coatings, functional coatings, powder coatings, high-solids coatings, failure analysis of coatings, protection and degradation mechanisms of coating/inhibitors, accelerated testing methods, modeling and simulation, and performance prediction. Sponsoring Committee: Research Committee Chair: Qixin Zhou Vice Chair: Dawei Zhang A16 OCTOBER 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM

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