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OCT 2018

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THURSDAY, MARCH 28 Advances in Materials for Oil and Gas Production – Day 2 This symposium will include technical papers on advances in materials technology and research for oil and gas production environments. The focus is on new and improved metallic materials and applications including consideration and measurement of the material's performance in the envisaged exposure environment. Papers on field experiences, failure analysis, and mitigation through metallurgical aspects are also sought. Sponsoring Committee: STG 32 Chair: Hisashi Amaya Vice Chair: Hernan Rincon Erosion and Erosion-Corrosion This symposium will include technical papers on such subjects as experimental erosion/abrasion wear studies, advanced computational fluid dynamics erosion and erosion-corrosion modeling, mechanistic/empirical model development, technologies for erosion measurements, erosion mitigation techniques, etc. Sponsoring Committee: TEG 077X Chair: Mazdak Parsi Vice Chair: Hadi Arabnejad Khanouki High-Temperature Materials and Corrosion for the Process Industry This symposium will include technical papers related to exposure of material at temperatures >500 °C and used in the process industry. This symposium also contains papers related to new materials that have the potential for applications at elevated temperatures. Papers specifically dealing with oxidation resistance, creep resistance, carburization resistance, as well as alloy development for such properties may be included. Sponsoring Committee: STG 37 Chair: Shankar Venkataraman Vice Chair: Vinay Deodeshmukh Nonmetallic Materials for Oil and Gas Production Environments – Day 2 This symposium will include technical papers on the performance of nonmetallic materials used in relation to the production of oil and gas in onshore and offshore environments. These materials can include elastomers, composites, organic coatings, linings (for tubular structures for example), and polymeric materials for structural products. Sponsoring Committee: STG 33 Chair: Peter L. Huesmann Vice Chair: Carlos Fernandez Pipeline Crossings: Steel Cased, Thrust-Bored, and HDD This symposium will include technical papers on road, railroad, river, wetland, etc., crossings by directional drilling, thrust boring, casing, and HDD type methods. It will include case study presentations, technology developments, and findings. Modified techniques, coatings, cathodic protection, and testing for crossing related topics may be included. Sponsoring Committee: TEG 208X Chair: Cay Strother Vice Chair: Michael Snow Power Industry Corrosion This symposium will include technical papers on corrosion causes, issues, studies, experiences, and/or management practices, including coatings on steel structures and their related components in the power industry. Exposures include below grade, transition zone, and atmospheric corrosion of weathering, galvanized, and other coated steel structures. Sponsoring Committee: STG 41 Chair: Jon H. Brasher Vice Chair: Graig Cilluffo Progress in Laboratory Testing of Corrosion Inhibitors for Oil Field Applications This symposium will include technical papers on the following issues: Novel techniques and methodologies for evaluation of corrosion inhibitors in the lab, lessons learned—practical aspects and challenges encountered when using established evaluation methods and techniques, factors affecting quality of laboratory data, challenges associated with quantitative evaluation of localized corrosion, development of formulations for high-temperature corrosion, and challenges and gaps in lab-field transference. Sponsoring Committee: TEG 253X Chair: Tracey Jackson Vice Chair: Alla Crabtree Recent Experiences with Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steels – Day 2 This symposium will include technical papers on recent experiences with stainless steels. The focus is on end user experiences from the process industries such as chemical processing, pulp and paper, oil and gas, desalination, pharmaceutical, and power generation. Topics include successes, failures, material selection, fabrication, and new developments. Sponsoring Committees: TEG 114X and TEG 116X Chair: Nicole Kinsman Vice Chair: Lena Wegrelius Scale/Deposit Mitigation in IWS: Current Technologies, New Technologies, or Future Evolutions – Day 2 This symposium will include technical papers associated with the following areas of interest: mitigation of mineral scale, deposit, and corrosion in industrial water systems including boiler, cooling, desalination, geothermal, oil and gas production, and wastewater treatment. Topics to cover include current technologies, new technologies, or future evolutions. Sponsoring Committee: STG 11 Chair: Zahid Amjad Vice Chair: Daniel Meier Top of Line Corrosion This symposium will include technical papers on the mechanism, modeling, field experience, monitoring, and mitigation (design and inhibition), for top-of-the-line corrosion. Sponsoring Committee: TEG 515X Chair: Thu Tran Addis Vice Chair: Thunyaluk Pojtanabuntoeng A20 OCTOBER 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM

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