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OCT 2018

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#CORROSION2019 TUESDAY, MARCH 26 Corrosion Prediction and Testing for Aerospace and Defense Presented by: Alan Rose, Corrdesa LLC; Jim Dante, Southwest Research; Victor Rodriguez-Santiago, NAVAIR; and Kristen Williams, Boeing The ASTM B117 salt fog corrosion test and its variants have been the mainstay of corrosion testing for decades, but it has never been satisfactory because it is a poor predictor of actual performance and it was built around unrealistic corrosion conditions and chemistries no longer relevant to modern aerospace materials and coatings. In recent years a great deal of work has been done to understand material interactions and corrosion mechanisms. At the same time computer modeling of corrosion and fluid dynamics of electrolytes has improved our ability to understand and predict corrosion in complex assemblies. There are several current programs aimed at developing better quantitative science-based prediction and testing methods, in particular for the aerospace and defense industries. The purpose of this seminar is to provide an update on aerospace and defense corrosion prediction and testing, and opportunity for input and discussion. Some of the new methods under development for testing and modeling will be presented and discussed in an informal manner to allow for learning and discussion with the broader corrosion community. The ultimate aim is to leverage these new technologies and frame more comprehensive, relevant, and objectively based accelerated test methods for other industries. How to be an Author Presented by: NACE International Publications representatives Stephanie Chizik, Sammy Miles, Gretchen Jacobson, and Jean Broge NACE is looking for paper, book, and magazine article authors! Learn what it takes to get your work published and distributed to the entire corrosion control/coatings community through NACE's respected publishing channels: Materials Performance, CoatingsPro Magazine, CORROSION, and NACE books. Staff representatives will provide insight into content needs, proposal writing, author guidelines, and submission processes in an informal, open-house format. Corrosion Management in the Maritime Industry Presented by: Buddy Reams, NACE Chief Maritime Officer The maritime industry often views corrosion as a cost of doing business, but NACE wants to provide companies with the resources to manage that risk. Hear from Chief Maritime Officer Buddy Reams as he explains the risks of corrosion in maritime environments, NACE's current presence in the industry, and what you can do to get involved as the association works to broaden awareness surrounding corrosion mitigation strategies in the industry. How Coatings and Welding Overlap Presented by: John Pariseau, American Institute of Nondestructive Testing The coating, welding, and nondestructive testing quality professions commonly overlap within industries. Because of the separation and different operating methods of the societies, it is often difficult for inspectors of one profession to expeditiously learn about another. The presentation will cover: 1. An overview of the AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) Program and its associated endorsements consisting of an explanation of the exam structure and general knowledge and experience to achieve the title of Certified Welding Inspector. 2. An overview of what duties a CWI is typically tasked with. 3. A discussion of the overlap from welding fabrication/construction inspection into industrial coating inspection and items between the two that may cause some confliction. Sponsored by WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27 Challenging Application to High-Temperature Surface Structures and Pipe Supports Presented by: Sean Browning, Pond & Co and Jon Belcher, Thermal Engineering Group This case study covers multiple previous and future projects, from 15- to 40-ft (4.6- to 12.2-m) underground structures with challenging high-temperature applications to surface structures and pipe supports in underground vaults and tunnels beneath downtown Nashville, Tennessee. The structures and supports are used to secure steam and chill pipe that are used to heat and run equipment to 40 downtown high-rise buildings and the Bridgestone Arena. This case study includes specification revisions, materials selection, permitting due to the busy street areas, application methods, and inspections. Contractor Awards Program CoatingsPro Magazine will again recognize industry excellence in the application of commercial and industrial high-performance coatings with the third annual Contractor Awards Program. Join us as we announce the accomplishments of the 2019 winners in these six categories: Commercial Concrete, Commercial Roof, Industrial Concrete, Industrial Steel, Specialty Project, and Contractor/Crew MVP. For more information, visit Corrosive Chronicles These theaters will feature experienced corrosion professionals and NACE staff who will present interactive forums on a variety of corrosion-related topics on the Exhibit Hall floor. Conference attendees will learn unique lessons and solutions to corrosion issues that are relatable to their own field of expertise. Topics of discussion include the following: A23 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE: VOL. 57, NO. 10 OCTOBER 2018

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