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OCT 2018

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High-quality, easy-to-apply wraps that protect irregularly shaped fittings and require minimal surface preparation. Trenton offers three Wax-Tape ® brand anticorrosion wrap systems. Only Trenton offers Wax-Tape ® brand anticorrosion wrap systems, with primers, fillers, wraps and outerwraps. Wax-Tape ® # 1 Anticorrosion Wrap: A very durable wrap that uses a thick, non-stitch bonded synthetic fabric and has no clay fillers, so it stays conformed to irregular profiles. The wrap requires no abrasion blasting, can be backfilled immediately and is compatible with cathodic protection. Wax-Tape ® #2 Self-Firming Anticorrosion Wrap: A unique, microcystalline-wax-saturated wrap that slowly firms up to provide excellent aboveground and belowground protection. Comes in a variety of colors and usually requires no outerwrap. Wax-Tape ® HT-3000 High-Temperature Anticorrosion Wrap: Designed for operating temperatures up to 230°F (110°C), Wax-Tape ® HT-3000 wrap can be used on high-temperature oil and gas piping, on compressor status discharge piping, beneath thermal insulation and in high ambient temperature conditions. Belowground applications Aboveground and belowground applications High-temperature applications

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