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OCT 2018

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Viewpoint OCTOBER 2018 MATERIALSPERFORMANCE: VOL. 57, NO. 10 9 NACE International Look s to the Future W elcome to our futurist issue of MP! To read this mes- sage, you needed to turn the magazine 90 degrees to view it in a horizontal format. This is just one of several spe- cial design elements incorporated into this issue's content on the future of corrosion control. All year MP has been commemorating NACE International's 75th anniversary by publishing classic articles from the past, guest editorials from Past Presidents and Fellows on their longtime experi- ence with NACE and how that has affected their careers, items highlighting various aspects of NACE's history, and more. You've seen by now that the Sep- tember 2018 issue of MP honored the anniversary by looking back on the last 75 years of corrosion control. Now we move onto the future. In keeping with this issue's editorial theme on corrosion of bridges and highways, our lead feature starting on p. 10 explores the state of the U.S. bridge infrastructure, with five industry experts from state departments of transportation and other organizations describing the technologies and activities needed to protect and ensure the safety and performance of exist- ing and new bridges far into the future. Another article starting on p. 36 highlights the predictions of six NACE corrosion experts on what the future holds for a wide variety of industries and technologies. It is not only corrosion control systems, however, that are needed to enhance and prepare for future developments in the corrosion industry. As described in an article on p. 30, regulatory trends, public expectations, market and communication trends, and other factors must be considered when managing corrosion programs. In addition, best business practices and management are critical to effec- tively moving companies forward in our fast-paced, ever-changing world. These include developing a new generation of workers and leaders to replace an aging workforce. The article beginning on p. 20 discusses how steady leadership and the development of future industry leaders are essential to any strong business, including corrosion. Leadership expert and coach Mike Goodfriend describes the concept of "Disruptive Leadership" starting on p. 26—you'll discover that "disruptive" thinking is a good thing that keeps organizations agile, responsive, and embracing change. Finally, this issue contains the CORROSION 2019 Advance Program begin- ning after p. 8. Designed in our normal vertical magazine format, the program enhances this futurist issue by providing all the information needed to make the most of attending the world's foremost and leading-edge corrosion con- ference. A highlight of next year's conference in Nashville, Tennessee, in March is the keynote speaker, Jack Uldrich. A globally influenced futurist, speaker, and author, he will present, "Corrosion's Crystal Ball: The future will arrive sooner than we think." And that is what corrosion professionals and organizations must prepare for on so many levels. To continue accomplishing the NACE mission of equip- ping society to protect people, assets, and the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion will require new and evolving strategies and research on how corrosion control systems are designed and deployed. The future of the profession is bright—the corrosion industry will be ready. MP Bob Chalker Chief ExecuƟve Officer, NACE InternaƟonal

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