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OCTOBER 2018 WWW.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM 22 "Our challenge in leading NACE is that those people learn differently, since they come from very different backgrounds," Chalker adds. "How do you put together education programs that meet the needs of a 21-year-old who is just getting started and also meets the needs of a 50-year-old that is working full time and probably has a significant amount of commitments in his life?" To that end, Chalker says one of the biggest challenges facing NACE is implementing newer technologies to enable its training. "The model of someone sitting in a classroom for 40 hours in one continuous week, which is what we've used for 50 years, is going away," he says. "It's all about remote access, distance learning, and the up and coming method of micro-learning. Instead of sitting down for 40 hours or even five hours, it's five minutes of education. They want a solution to a problem right then and there. We need to address that need for flexibility. Because if we don't find a way to tailor our education and certifications to the market, somebody else will." NACE offers training specific to leadership, with the four-day NACE Lead- ership Program held each year. According to Heather Butler, director of mem- ber engagement and strategic planning at NACE, the program is focused on the development of leadership skills and teaching attendees how to become effective leaders within their own sectors—with a goal of preparing mem- bers to ascend as leaders in their own professional careers and within the association. NACE also recently joined the Emerging Leaders Alliance Conference (ELA) to offer young professionals training to promote leadership development. The ELA is a partnership among engineering, research, and science organiza- tions to provide high-quality leadership training. Private Sector Private organizations have their own key roles to play in developing the next generation of workers. Dan Adley, CEO of coatings and corrosion engineering group KTA-Tator (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA) and director of strategic planning on the NACE Board of Directors, believes the private sector should implement its own plans aside from those at the association level. "One of the leadership issues we have concern for is capturing the body of knowledge, the institutional knowledge, within KTA of a graying senior pro- fessional staff and consultants," Adley says. "Combined, they've got hundreds of years of experience, and it's almost impossible to capture that on paper. So how do you do it? That's why we've evolved into a mentoring program." KTA's leadership, education, and development (LEAD) program includes various levels within the organization, with each person assigned a mentor Selected NACE Leadership Program participants engage in discussions on topics intended to develop their communication and leadership skills. Photo courtesy of NACE International.

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