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OCTOBER 2018 MATERIALSPERFORMANCE: VOL. 57, NO. 10 29 7% of their time is spent developing people and engaging stakeholders. The respondents also identified skills they will need to succeed over the next five years—digital/technology, creating thinking/experimentation, strategy development, social networking, and people development. Disruptive automation, robotics, and artificial Intelligence will be chang- ing the nature of work. How fast it impacts your industry or line of business will vary. But one thing for sure—if you wait until your business is at risk, you have waited too long. Which corrosion technologies will be most advantageous? Will it be a robotic system for detecting corrosion in large structures? Will it be investing in the use of artificial intelligence for cloud-based predictive maintenance systems instead of continuing the use of SCADA systems? Will it be the use of self-healing coatings that release preloaded inhibitors that are activated by stimuli like temperature changes, radiation, pH changes, etc.? This research and other learning trig- gered my thinking about the skills that will need more emphasis for leadership of disruptive change. The following high- lights those leadership competencies: ➽ Multiplying Strategic Thinking— Igniting the leadership dialogue about the organization's strategic promise to the market and what makes the organization unique. Expanding the circle of influencers in the strategy conversation. ➽ Being a Disruption Advocate—Having the courage to advocate for the unconventional and nontraditional opportunities. Modeling behaviors that increase disruptive change—agility, urgency mindset, embracing uncertainty, etc. ➽ Organizational Repositioning—Considering more agile deployment structures/processes/roles to drive disruptive change. ➽ Leveraging Data as a Decision Driver—Deconstructing processes/ decisions for data gathering of key drivers while expanding the use of independent data streams, mining for patterns, and deploying data into day-to-day decisions closer to the front-line. ➽ Exploring Business Opportunities—Opportunity discovery through brainstorming, questioning, observing, collaborative networking, and- parallel associating. Increasing the use of experiments to test out ideas, theories, and opportunities. Seeking input and encouraging learning from fast failure. ➽ Making Compelling Business Cases—Articulating an inspiring vision, aligning messaging for all the key stakeholders, connecting to own personal motivators, making the case with facts/data/return on investment that compels people to commit. ➽ Cross-Functional Leadership— Chartering a cross-functional team with an early deliverable of a MVP (minimum viable product). Leading members that are not direct reports, aligning roles and responsibilities, and driving col- laboration/teamwork. ➽ Building Trust in Automation— Understanding factors impact- ing trust in automation, explore design/evaluation/training con- siderations to make automation trustable, and build the four C's of trust in automation—Capabil- ities, Confidence, Calibration, and Consistency. Take some steps now to learn more about the opportunities and risks associated with disruptive change related to corrosion challenges. Don't wait for disruption to happen to you. Be a leader. Encourage others to become disruptive. Sorry Mom. Mike Goodfriend is the President of Goodfriend & Associates, Inc., Houston, Texas, USA, email: He is a sought-after speaker on disruptive leadership. In Mike's book, Breakthrough Time, he helps a company com- mercialize a revolutionary technology through his "Shark Tank" style leadership pro- gram, The Teamwork Sharks Leadership Challenge. In addition to being a Teamwork Engineer and Leadership Coach, Mike is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Senior Certification for The Birkman Method. He has served in many volunteer, pro - fessional, and community activities. MP

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