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20 NOVEMBER 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM Graphene-Based Anticorrosion Additive Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) (Cleveland, United K ingdom) launched the Genable 3000 series, the latest addi- tion to its Genable platform dispersion technolog y range. Genable 3000 disper- sions are manufactured using a proprie- tary process that produces graphene nanoplatelets out of sustainable raw materials. These active nonmetallic addi- tives can withstand harsher C4/C5 corro- sive environments and deliver a f ive-fold extension in coating lifetime based on a single 60-µm dry f ilm thickness. This was determined through prohesion testing under cyclic salt spray with an applica- tion of Genable 3000 instead of zinc phos- phate. AGM has also tested its Genable 3000 series as a higher build primer sys- tem and determined its thickness at ~110 µm, which is thinner than many compa- rable systems in the C4/C5 category. Highly durable but with a thinner f lexible coating, the Genable 300 series has a wide range of potential applications that makes it useful in industrial environ- ments subject to high humidity and an aggressive atmosphere, including inshore areas of medium to high salinity. Tel: +1 918-344-8564, web site: w w w. Linear Anode for Cathodic Protection M ATCOR, Inc. (Chalfont, Pennsylvania, USA), a cathodic protection (CP) and cor- rosion prevention company ow ned by BrandSaf way (Kennesaw, Georgia, USA), announced that it earned a design patent for the Iron Gopher. This product is a lin- ear anode that offers CP in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) applications. Featuring a braided stainless steel jacket and a built-in pulling loop, the Iron Gopher delivers ~200% more pulling strength than conventional HDD anodes. The Iron Gopher is available in two mod- els: a standard model that can be con- nected v ia either end to a direct current power source for active CP of roads, streams, and property crossings, and a dual-end model w ith two cable ends exit- ing one end of the linear anode w rapping for tank operations and other areas w ith hard-to-reach anode connections. According to Ted Huck, one of the Iron Gopher's co-creators, the anode was designed to promote job site safety by minimizing the risk that it would break during installation and ma ximizing the use of CP to avoid corrosion failure. Tel: +1 215-348-2974, web site: w w w. Premium Magnesium Alloy for Lighter, Durable Bicycles Full-ser v ice materials science company A llite, Inc. (Miamisburg, Ohio, USA) announced the release of A llite Super Magnesium, a high-performance alloy designed for the cycling industr y. This proprietar y, premium alloy is 33% lighter than aluminum, thereby mak ing it the lightest of all structural materials. Simultaneously, its high-performance composition makes it as strong and dura- ble as carbon f iber, as well as less expen- sive. Though designed w ith the cycling industr y in mind, A llite Super Magne- sium has been utilized in a variety of automotive, aerospace, and defense applications. Moreover, magnesium is w idely regarded as the world 's most eco- friendly and sustainable metal, as it has a low-carbon footprint and is 100% recy- clable. "In addition to being earth friendly, magnesium has increased solu- bility, and is stronger than other compa- rable materials, mak ing it a w ise choice for the cycling industr y and beyond," says A lan Luo, material science engineering expert and professor at The Ohio State University. Tel: +1 937-865-2828, web site: w w Wireless Corrosion Monitoring System Ionix Advanced Technologies (Leeds, United Kingdom) has partnered with Inductosense (Bristol, United Kingdom) to launch TRND, a wireless, in-service corro- sion monitoring system that provides cloud-based corrosion and erosion trend analysis. With this system, users can receive in-service condition monitoring without having to devote significant resources in infrastructure and hardware. TRND is built on Ionix's HotSense plat- PRODUCT SHOWCASE Updated Field Data Software American Innovations (AI) (Austin, Texas, USA) released its latest update to its Allegro field data tool for surveyors who collect and assess data for facilities, leaks, atmospheric corrosion, and valves. Allegro version 7.1.1 includes digital voltmeter (DV M) serial numbers and calibration dates in survey files and on the Allegro information screen; with these features, surveyors can access and trace survey data information more easily. The soft- ware also is capable of a maximum capture duration of five minutes while the DV M App is in use, and has a reduced minimum range for upper/lower limits of 0.001 V on the DV M waveform graph. With these upgrades, users can create waveform surveys that are longer and more detailed. Additionally, Allegro 7.1.1 provides improved validation of input fields and enhanced resolution, which enables users to capture measurements at voltages below ±4.5 V. The updated software integrates Allegro field data computers with radio-frequency identification technolog y, thereby making it easier for surveyors, technicians, and operators to identify the assets in their inspection programs. Tel: 1 800-229-3404, web site: w w

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