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NOV 2018

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39 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE: VOL. 57, NO. 11 NOVEMBER 2018 FIGURE 4 Protective crystal coating on the SS surface (inhibited molten salt exposure). corrosion resistance of SS by forming an in- situ perovskite coating on the wetted sur- face during heating by minimizing chrome depletion from SS. The advantages of add- ing lithium to the salt mixtures were two- fold: 1) it lowered the melting point of the mixture, and 2) it promoted the formation of the perovskite crystals on the SS surface. A higher temperature (>700 °C) aided in the growth of the crystals and almost continu- ous coating coverage was observed in LiKCl and CaLiKCl. The inhibited molten chlo- ride salts would help to: 1) increase their solar to electric conversion efficiency by pushing the operating temperature, and 2) lower the capital and maintenance cost by using economical steel alloys as materi- als of construction. Validation of these inhibitor packages would be of great value to the CSP industry. Acknowledgments The authors would like to acknowledge the National Science Foundation STTR Phase I grant that supported the research work. Dynalene would like to thank Tony Rivera for his help with the molten salt testing. References 1 "Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990-2015," U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA 430-P-17-001, April 2017. 2 S.H. Goods, R .W. Bradshaw, M.R . Prairie, et al., "Corrosion of Stainless and Carbon Steels in Molten Mixtures of Industrial Nitrates," Sandia National Laboratories, SAND94-8211, March 1994. 3 K. Coscia, S. Nelle, T. Elliott, et al., "Thermo- physical Properties of LiNO 3 –NaNO 3 –KNO 3 Mixtures for Use in Concentrated Solar Power," J. Sol . Energ y Eng. 135 (2013): pp. 034506-034506-5. 4 D.F. Williams, "Assessment of Candidate Molten Salt Coolants for the NGNP/NHI Heat Transfer-Loop," Oak Ridge National Laboratory, ORNL/TM-2006/69, June 2006. 5 M. Mehos, et al., "Concentrating Solar Power Gen3 Demonstration Roadmap," National Renewable Energy Laborator y, NREL/TP- 5500-67464, January 2017. (a) (b) 6 S.M. Bruemmer, G.S. Was, "Microstructural and Microchemical Mechanisms Controlling Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking in Light-Water-Reactor Systems," J. Nucl. Mater 216 (1994): pp. 348-263. 7 R . Kane, et al., Corrosion—Fundamentals, Testing, and P rotection , Vol . 13A (Metals Park, OH: ASM International, 2003), pp. 216- 219. 8 M. S chutze, M. Malessa , V. Rohr, et al ., "Development of Coatings for Protection in Specific High Temperature Environments," Surface and Coatings Technolog y 201 (2006): pp. 3,872-3,879. 9 S. Chevalier, G. Bonnet, P. Dufour, et al., "The REE: A Way to Improve the High Tempera- ture Behavior of Stainless Steels," Surface and Coatings Technology 100-101 (1998): pp. 208- 213. 10 Y. Watanabe, V. Kain, T. Tonozuka, et al., "Effect of Ce Addition on the Sensitization Properties of Stainless Steel," Scripta Materi- alia 42 (2000): pp. 307-312. SREYA DUTTA is a materials scientist/R&D lead at Dynalene, Inc., Whitehall, Pennsyl- vania, USA, email: Her expertise includes electron micros- copy, corrosion, and heat transfer fluid. She has several publications and presenta- tions, with a patent pending on inhibited molten chloride salts. She has a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from Lehigh University. She is a member of NACE International. ANIMESH KUNDU is a senior research sci- entist at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA, email: ank8@lehigh. edu. He is an expert in the development of novel ceramic nanomaterials and special- izes in electron microscopy characteriza- tion. He has several publications in peer- reviewed journals and has been awarded two U.S. patents. He has a Ph.D. in materi- als science and engineering from Lehigh University. e BOOK We're busy updating our extensive library of NACE Press books so you can benefit from the convenience of an electronic version! Look for this symbol on your favorite title and take advantage of pure portability! Select titles now available! Corrosion Prevention of Stainless Steel in Molten Chloride

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