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DEC 2018

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8 DECEMBER 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM Get the Latest Corrosion News... Online and On-the-Go! See What's Online this Month Following are just a few of the articles featured this month on Features Corrosion Issues of Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage When steels corrode under a high-pressure, high-temperature multiphase environment containing supercritical carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), various gas impurities, salts, crude oil, and solid particles merit further investigation. Study Examines Corrosion of Automobile Body Panels After examining the rust patterns on hundreds of vehicles, researchers say untreated vehicles had nearly seven times more visible corrosion than on vehicles protected with rust control treatments. Editor's Choice Hot, Hot, Hot: Insulating the Inside of a Digester Complex With the construction of a new digester complex for a wastewater treatment plant in Williston, North Dakota, USA, it is imperative that the walls and pipes be properly insulated. Self-Healing Material Builds Itself from Carbon Exposure The new material reacts with CO 2 from the air to grow, strengthen, and even repair itself. The polymer could be used as a construction or repair material, or for protective coatings. For even more corrosion news, visit to read MP articles that are exclusively on the web. WHAT'S ONLINE @

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