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DEC 2018

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22 DECEMBER 2018 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM Waterblasting Tool for Cleaning Tanks and Vessels Jetstream of Houston, LLP (Houston, Texas, USA) introduced its H 3 Orbiter 3-D waterblasting tool for the cleaning of tanks, vessels, and other industrial equip- ment. This tool emits a powerful spray that can reach pressures up to 22,000 psi (152 MPa). Not only is the tool powerful enough to remove thick deposits, it can also be operated even without access to a confined space. Additionally, the H 3 Orbiter's body can rotate 360 degrees, as can its stainless steel nozzles that include ¼-in National Pipe Thread con- nections. These nozzles are available in four length options from 2 to 24 in (51 to 610 mm). The tool's rotational speed is controlled by a maintenance-free mag- netic break while f low rates are managed through four manifold options that pro- vide 10 to 80 gpm (38 to 303 L/min). Jet- stream also offers a cage centralizer accessory for the H 3 Orbiter that protects the tool and extensions from excess water, specifically in instances during which internal structures or debris may interfere with cleaning. Tel: 1 800-231-8192, web site: w w Emergency Leak Repair for Onstream Pipelines Clock Spring Co., Inc. (Houston, Texas, USA) unveiled the Leak Stopper, an emer- gency leak repair solution for use in a vari- ety of onstream pipeline systems. With its simple installation and rapid repair pro- cess, Leak Stopper effectively replaces clunky, expensive bolt-on products that are commonly used to make repairs on oil and gas pipelines, refineries and petro- chemical plants, and municipal water and gas distribution lines. The gauged clamp- ing device employs a clamping strength of 5,929 lbf (8,039 N-m) to secure the special- ized strap over the leak with a low-profile buckle. This provides a temporary repair solution that can later be overwrapped with a composite solution. Before going to market, the Leak Stopper underwent an extensive testing process that consisted of a third-party performance verification of the clamping device and a certified SGS tensile strength certificate. Clock Spring installers must pass their required courses and successfully complete hands- on training with a certified trainer before they are qualified to install the Leak Stop- per. Tel: +1 281-590-8491, web site: w w w. Abrasion-Resistant Expansion Joint Material Fluid sealing product manufacturer Garlock (Palmy ra, New York , USA) released the A BR A-SHIELD as the latest addition to its line of abrasion-resistant expansion joint liner materials. This newest joint material offers 50% higher abrasion resistance than standard ethyl- ene propylene diene monomer rubber, as determined by abrasion resistance test- ing. Garlock 's proprietar y material is made from a specialt y formulated hydro- genated nitrile butadiene rubber that enables it to operate in temperatures up to 300 °F (150 °C). Its abilit y to w ithstand such high-temperature operating condi- PRODUCT SHOWCASE Two New Epoxy Systems for Water/Wastewater Environments Epoxytec (Holly wood, Florida, USA) announced two new additions to its CPP Sprayliner series of 100% solids, high-strength epoxies for spray appli- cations in water/wastewater environments: CPP Sprayliner MH and CPP Sprayliner 61. CPP Spray- liner MH is specifically formulated for repairing sanitary sewer collection systems such as man- holes, cylindrical lift stations, and pipes. This high- build, structural grade amine epoxy lining features high moisture tolerance with hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S) resistance and sealed inf low and infiltration barrier protection. The CPP Sprayliner 61 epoxy system is engineered for potable drinking water environments with ANSI/NSF-61 certification. It utilizes a blended cycloaliphatic curing system for increased chemical resistance and ultravio- lent tolerance. As with the original CPP Sprayliner epoxy lining, both the CPP Spray- liner MH and CPP Sprayliner 61 can be sprayed ultra-high build up to ¼ in (250 mils) per pass. In addition to being blended with reinforcing agents and various fibers, these materials, when cured, create reinforcement lining as a fiber-reinforced poly- mer with high strength and f lexural properties for partially or fully deteriorated structures. Tel: 1 877-463-7699, web site: w w

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