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DEC 2018

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23 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE: VOL. 57, NO. 12 DECEMBER 2018 tions makes it an ideal solution for slurr y, ash, brine, and other abrasive applications. In addition, the expansion joints prov ide protection from extreme stress, misalignment, v ibration, noise, shock , and corrosion. With its high level of abrasion resistance and durable con- struction, the A BR A-SHIELD has appli- cations in a w ide range of industries, including chemical processing, hydro- carbon processing, oil/gas, metals/ minerals, power generation, and water/ waste water. Tel: 1 800 -4 48- 6688, web site: w w w.garlock .com. Platform for Ordering, Tracking Coatings Products Valmont Industries, Inc. (Omaha, Nebraska, USA), a manufacturer of infra- structure and agriculture engineering products, launched the first-to-market technolog y platform for the industrial coatings industry, the Valmont Coatings Connector. This innovative platform, which can be accessed via mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers, offers a variety of features that quickly and accu- rately inform customers about the status of their coatings products. For instance, they can use the platform to track orders in real time, schedule product notifica- tions, and arrange for pick-ups and deliv- eries. Additionally, the platform includes a GPS-enabled facility locator and product fit calculator. The Valmont Coatings Con- nector is expected to be implemented across its coatings locations in North America and Australia by the end of this year, with global implementation to take place in early 2019. Tel: +1 402-963-1000, web site: w w Carbon Dioxide Technology- Based Thermoplastic Polyurethane Global high-tech polymer materials sup- plier Covestro (Leverkusen, Germany) has developed Desmopan 37385A, the first in the company's series of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) products with poly- ether carbonate polyols. Based on carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) technolog y, this TPU mate- rial leaves a lower carbon footprint as compared to similar products with shorter lifespans. With a hardness of 85 Shore A, the material sports mechanical properties that meet—and even exceed, in some cases—typical TPU hardness grades. The plastic is versatile enough to be used for extrusion as well as injection molding, making it useful for a wide range of manufacturing applications. Future additions to Covestro's line of TPU series will include products with a hardness of 95 Shore A, thereby enabling rapid melt cures during processing. In addition, the German-based polymer manufacturer will collaborate with other companies and research institutions to utilize CO 2 technolog y as a synthesis platform for other large-scale chemical raw materials, including CO 2 -based polyols for rigid poly- urethane foams to be used in a variety of commercial products. Tel: +49 214 6009 2000, web site: w w MP welcomes new product information for Product Showcase. Send press releases and photos to Anthony Punt at anthony.punt@ The Latest Tools for Fighting Corrosion

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