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JUN 2019

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20 JUNE 2019 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM Patented Innovation for Corrosion Protection of Pipelines Major oil pipeline companies have been using Cortec's patented CorroLogic ® VpCI ® Filler to address the problem of cor- rosion at cased pipeline crossings. Cased crossings often trap moisture and debris that can accelerate corrosion and threaten pipeline integrity if left unpro- tected. The patented CorroLogic ® VpCI ® Filler consists of two components that form a corrosion-inhibiting gel when injected into pipeline casings or other tubular void spaces. The VpCI ® liquid component (Part A) can be diluted on site to the appropriate concentration. The powder gelling agent (Part B) is added just prior to application. The gel consistency enhances the filler effectiveness by dis- couraging the ingress of water and other contaminants. It can be used in conjunc- tion with cathodic protection but does not require a constant source of electricity to remain in effect. Tel: 1 800-426-7832, web site: w w Industrial Coating for High-Temperature Applications A.W. Chesterton Co. (Groveland, Massa- chusetts, USA) announced the release of ARC S5, an industrial coating specifically designed for oil and gas separators, absorb- ers, tanks and vessels, and other equip- ment immersed in corrosive, high-tempera- ture environments. The coating protects and upgrades new and old equipment in temper- atures up to 356 °F (180 °C) and 100 bar (1,450 psi). In addition, it features fine- graded reinforcements to resist permeation, blistering, thermal-mechanical shock, and rapid decompression. With no volatile or- ganic compounds or free isocyanates, ARC S5 is safe to use and tested to NACE TM0185, a standard that regulates internal plastic coatings for corrosion control. Additionally, it offers in situ curing without the need for post-curing. In the words of Stephen Bowditch, a director of product line manage- ment for Chesterton, "ARC S5 provides a strong and highly durable surface and en- hances equipment's service life to reduce is- sues down the line." ARC S5 can be applied by roller, brush, squeegee, or airless spray in either a 5-L kit or 16-L kit and comes in light gray or medium gray. Tel: +1 978-469-6810, web site: w w Continued f rom page 19 Call us today at 800-321-9696 • fax: 440-808-7114 E-mail us at or visit Superior Surfaces Start with HOLD * BL AST ™ Surface preparation is the foundation for achieving outstanding coating performance. Borchers offers a full line of products to prevent degradation and enhance coating life. Chlor*Rid® is an environmentally friendly, slightly acidic solution that will remove Chloride, Sulfate and Nitrate soluble salts to undetectable levels. Chlor*Rid® is more efficient and effective than alkaline salt removing solutions. Once the salts are removed, use Hold*Blast™ to passivate the steel, allowing for an extended application window before flash rust appears. Hold*Blast™ provides applicators with the freedom to apply coatings when conditions are optimal rather than rushing to beat the changing environment. Both are easy to use and pose no health concerns. They also: q Perform in a simple dilution with potable water q Do not interfere with coating adhesion q Contain no VOCs q Offer low cost per m2 significantly extending service life for significant savings PRODUCT SHOWCASE

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