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JUN 2019

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36 JUNE 2019 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM COATINGS & LININGS ESSENTIALS For multinational steel manufacturer POSCO, corrosion can be an occupational hazard. Because steel mills require suffi- cient raw materials to produce, they are of- ten located near marine terminals—where both raw material and finished product can be easily shipped. at has long been the case for POSCO at its steel plant in Pohang, South Korea, where its processing equipment and infra- structure must be coated to withstand atmospheric corrosion from the high humidity and salty air of the coastal area. Any coating also needs to protect against corrosion under insulation (CUI), which can result from exposure to moisture from sources such as steam, wash downs, sprin- kler systems, or the frequent condensation and evaporation of atmospheric moisture. ough prior coating applications at the site were successful, POSCO found that it had to reapply coatings every few years based on coastal conditions. As such, this increased their maintenance costs and pro- duction downtime. So when POSCO sought to recoat several of its corroded assets in April 2018, they put a premium on finding both the right coatings contractor and the right coatings technology. "POSCO benefits when they can safely extend the lifespan of their steel assets with less maintenance," says Sungjun Ahn, gen- eral manager at Korean coatings contractor Dong-buk E&C, which ultimately earned the assignment. "Without frequently repainting, they can more productively invest in further product and process innovation." Tough Technology To protect its steel assets and improve its environmental performance, POSCO turned to EonCoat, a spray-applied inor- ganic coating. When the coating is applied, it forms an alloy layer that chemically bonds with the steel's surface, effectively preventing intrusion from moisture and other potential corrosion promoters. e system also forms a ceramic outer layer that further resists corrosion, water, abrasion, impact, chemicals, and high Tough as Steel: Korean Plant Protected by Novel Coating System Can you see the decoupler in the photo above? Probably not, because it's at the bottom of the lake. We placed one of our decouplers at the bottom of a lake, just to see what would happen. When we pulled it out, it worked exactly as it was designed. We build our products to always work reliably under harsh conditions. Rugged, reliable performance is what you should expect from Dairyland products. | +1 (608) 877-9900 | THERE'S A REASON WE MAKE THEM RELIABLE. ALWAYS RUGGED. ALWAYS RELIABLE. Applications include: • AC Voltage Mitigation • Insulated Joint Protection • Decoupling Equipment Grounding Systems • Gradient Control Mat Isolation

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