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JUN 2019

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38 JUNE 2019 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM COATINGS & LININGS ESSENTIALS Continued f rom page 37 welding contractor prepared the surface of the new plates off site via dry grit blasting to achieve a NACE No. 3/SSPC-SP 6: "Com- mercial Blast Cleaning" standard and then installed the plates inside each hopper. From there, it was time for the Dong-buk E&C team to get to their portion of the assignment. e initial priority, of course, was accessing the entirety of the 6,500-ft 2 (603.9- m 2 ) structure. A scaffolding system was set up to reach higher areas, while personal protective equipment (PPE) for the four- person crew began with a clipped fall pro- tection vest belt to lock each person's body to the scaffolding. Other PPE gear included dust masks, goggles, safety boots, gloves, helmets, and ankle protection. For the application, the crew used Cosmostar PF100 † plural spray pumps and a Graco G40 † airless spray gun with an XHD535 RAC † switch tip. at was with a Swagelok † remote mix manifold and a 0.25- in (0.64-cm) hydraulic whip hose with a static mixer from On-Site Hose, Inc. e EonCoat product was applied at an average thickness of 20 mils (508 µm) and dries within minutes, allowing for the quick application of a topcoat for aesthetics. On this job, the topcoat was the Yeolcoat QT6612 † heat-resistant silicone acrylic resin-based coating from Korean manufac- turer KCC Corp., applied at an average of just 1 mil (25 µm) dry film thickness. "I was the sprayer, and the rest of them were supporters," Ahn says of the crew. "One was mixing and taking care of the pump, and one was looking after hoses since we were spraying inside the hopper. e last supporter was standing by me while controlling the valve and holding the heavy hoses." Because the two-component EonCoat system is inorganic, nontoxic, and non- flammable, this meant the crew could apply the system safely in confined spaces. Con- sidering the hoppers, the confined spaces aspect of the POSCO job actually helped the crew, because the sealed shape prevented wind from disrupting their spraying. "And because of the compatibility of EonCoat with moisture, rainy weather was not an important factor," Ahn adds. Steely Resolve e crew diligently coated two hoppers each week, and by the end of week two, the Dong-buk E&C team had successfully hopped away from the job site after com- pleting the assignment. e client was happy with the work, and barring any unex- pected snags, both the client and contrac- tor aren't anticipating seeing the results again any time soon. "e job was done successfully, but we're unable to see how it's holding up inside," Ahn says, "because it must run con- tinuously during the next four years." e system has its technical benefits, but its complexity requires strong team- work and communication between the manufacturer and applicator. Fortunately Fast Cure, Low Temperature Pipeline Coating PROTAL ™ 7125 Portable Spray Gun for Small Repairs Above Ground UV Resistant Topcoat AIR CARTRIDGE GUNS URETHANE TOPCOATS Fast Cure, High Build Pipeline Coating PROTAL ™ 7200 PROTAL ™ ARO Abrasion resistant pipeline coating that protects FBE mainline coatings from directional drilling, bores, river crossings and other rough terrain applications. PROTAL ™ 7900HT A high temperature intermittent service temperature up to 300°F (150°C). High build (up to 40 mils / 1016 microns in one coat). E-mail: Call: +1 281-821-3355 - North America Sales - South America Sales LEADERS IN CORROSION PREVENTION † Trade name.

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