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19 CORROSION MANAGEMENT FOR PIPELINE INTEGRIT Y SUPPLEMENT TO MP MATERIALS PERFORMANCE JUNE 2019 NACE International Standards and Reports for Corrosion Prevention of Pipelines Corrosion is a leading cause of pipeline failures. Government regulations often require that industry codes and standards be fol- lowed (where applicable) to ensure that a pipeline system is properly designed, constructed, installed, and maintained. For example, all U.S. pipelines must be designed, constructed, and protected from corrosion in accordance with a code of practice developed by a nationally recognized association or independent testing labora- tory. Current government regulations should be reviewed to deter- mine if a code of practice is required to be followed in order to meet regulatory requirements. NACE International Standards ANSI/NACE SP0115-2015/ISO 15589-2.2012, "Petroleum, petro- chemical, and natural gas industries—Cathodic protection of pipe- line transportation systems—Part 2: Offshore Pipelines" ANSI/NACE SP0502-2010, "Pipeline External Corrosion Direct Assessment Methodology" SP0106-2018, "Control of Internal Corrosion in Steel Pipelines and Piping Systems" SP0304-2016, "Design, Installation, and Operation of Thermoplastic Liners for Oilfield Pipelines" RP0105-2005, "Liquid Epoxy Coatings for External Repair, Rehabili- tation, and Weld Joints on Buried Steel Pipelines" RP0303-2003, "Field-Applied Heat Shrinkable Sleeves for Pipelines: Application, Performance, and Quality Control" RP0375-2006, "Field-Applied Underground Wax Coating Systems for Underground Pipelines: Application, Performance, and Quality Control" RP0399-2004, "Plant-Applied, External Coal Tar Enamel Pipe Coat- ing Systems: Application, Performance, and Quality Control" SP0113-2013, "Pipeline Integrity Method Selection" SP0169-2013, "Control of External Corrosion on Underground or Submerged Metallic Piping Systems" SP0185-2007, "Extruded Polyolefin Resin Coating Systems with Soft Adhesives for Underground or Submerged Pipe" SP0200-2014, "Steel-Cased Pipeline Practices" SP0206-2016, "Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment Methodology for Pipelines Carrying Normally Dry Natural Gas (DG-ICDA)" SP0207-2007, "Performing Close-Interval Potential Surveys and DC Surface Potential Gradient Surveys on Buried or Submerged Metal- lic Pipelines" SP0210-2010, "Pipeline External Corrosion Confirmatory Direct Assessment" SP0274-2011, "High-Voltage Electrical Inspection of Pipeline Coatings" SP0286-2007, "Electrical Isolation of Cathodically Protected Pipe- lines" SP0313-2013, "Guided Wave Technology for Pipeline Applications" SP0394-2013, "Application, Performance, and Quality Control of Paint-Applied Single Layer Fusion-Bonded Epoxy External Pipe Coating" SP0492-2016, "Metallurgical and Inspection Requirements for Off- shore Pipeline Bracelet Anodes" SP0515-2015, "Implementing Nondestructive Evaluation Technolo- gies to Evaluate Buried Pipe in Nuclear Power Plants" NACE International Test Methods TM0102-2002, "Measurement of Protective Coating Electrical Con- ductance on Underground Pipelines" TM0109-2009, "Aboveground Survey Techniques for the Evaluation of Underground Pipeline Coating Condition" TM0172-2015, "Determining Corrosive Properties of Cargoes in Petroleum Pipeline Products" TM0212-2018, "Detection, Testing, and Evaluation of Microbiologi- cally Influenced Corrosion on Internal Surfaces of Pipelines" TM0497-2018, "Measurement Techniques Related to Criteria for Cathodic Protection on Underground or Submerged Metallic Pip- ing Systems" NACE International Reports NACE Publication 10A292, "Corrosion and Corrosion Control for Buried Cast- and Ductile-Iron Pipe" NACE Publication 21410, "Selection of Pipeline Flow and Internal Corrosion Models" NACE Publication 30105, "Electrical Isolation/Continuity and Coat- ing Issues for Offshore Pipeline Cathodic Protection Systems" NACE Publication 35100, "In-Line Inspection of Pipelines" NACE Publication 35101, "Plastic Liners for Oilfield Pipelines" NACE Publication 35103, "External Stress Corrosion Cracking of Underground Pipelines" NACE Publication 41013, "State-of-the-Art Report: External Corro- sion, Assessment, and Control of Buried Piping Systems in Nuclear Power Plants" NACE Publication 54276, "Cathodic Protection Monitoring for Buried Pipelines" NACE International standards and reports are available from the NACE International Store: Resources

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