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10 JUNE 2019 W W W.MATERIALSPERFORMANCE.COM CORROSION MANAGEMENT FOR PIPELINE INTEGRIT Y SUPPLEMENT TO MP the NACE TG 564 is a good place to start. The IMPACT PLUS portal is another great resource that is accessible online. It i s designed to provide a CMS framework that incorporates both technical and business considerations, including process classifi- cation frameworks, maturity models, and benchmarking. Specific tools for develop- ing a comprehensive C MS are provided , such as a customized Corrosion Manage- ment Process Classification Framework, CMMM, and an extensive reference library. The value of IMPACT PLUS for corrosion and management professionals includes: • An integrated platform for corro- sion managem ent professional s seeking to move their organizations to a higher level of performance • A common language and structure needed to ensure communication throughout all levels of an organi- zation • A straightforward way for compa- nies to identify gaps in processes that could lead to reduced asset life • A model that creates a roadmap of activities, investments, and best practices NACE International also offers a host of technical training courses and certifica- tion programs including CP, protective coatings, pipeline integrity, and marine cor- rosion control. GK: With the support of the new NACE standard practice, organizations can start to develop their CMS strategies. The NACE IMPACT PLUS CMS tool can assess where an organization stands with respect to cor- rosion management and through "Aspira- tion" w ork shops to develop a roadmap w h ere th e organi zation n eed s to go to meet CMS requirements that fit the spe- cific organization. MA: Training to use CMS programs is usu- ally self-taught or from a company 's inter- nal training program. These programs are enhanced by attending industry pipeline safety and corrosion control seminars around the world. Specific to enhancing their use and maturity, the IMPACT PLUS Navigator training program would be the best in my experience to recommend. NACE International Roundtable

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