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NOV 2014

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17 NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 53, NO. 11 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE NOVEMBER 2014 Information on corrosion control and prevention Continued on page 18 The EPC-coated and uncoated signposts (left) are shown after 13 months of splash zone exposure in the Perdido Bay. A cross section of the EPC-coated signpost (right) shows the thickness of the interior and exterior coating after 13 months of exposure. Photos courtesy of Ovante. 140 °F (60 °C) and then 4 h of test conden- sation at 122 °F (50 °C) for a total of 720 h. The ref lectivity of the unexposed side of the coupon was measured and compared to the ref lectivity of the exposed side. The EPC-coated coupon lost 3.3% of its ref lec- tivity over the 30 days of exposure. The researchers also conducted a con- tainment test to determine the effective- ness of the EPC when applied over galva- nized steel with a damaged poly urethane (PUR) coating and corrosion blemishes. Six coupons were partially coated with PUR and treated with hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2 ) and salt to create rust spots. The coupons were then coated with the EPC. For the test, three coated coupons, along with an uncoated coupon, were placed into a container and surrounded by gravel, and three coated coupons and an uncoated coupon were put into a con- tainer and buried in red clay. The test ran for a total of 90 days, with exposure to high temperature, high humidity, and constant water spray. At the end of the test, the coupons were cut in half and assessed. The test results indicated that the EPC adhered to the coupon and the PUR, sealed the rust, and kept corrosion from advancing.

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