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NOV 2014

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24 NOVEMBER 2014 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 53, NO. 11 Two Bonus Nozzles for a Limited Time Finish ing Bra nds (Toledo, Ohio), ma nu- fact u rer of Bin k s industr ia l f in ish ing equ ipment , is includ ing t wo add itiona l f lu id nozzles at no cha rge in f ive new promotiona l pack a ges of Bin k s Trophy ma nua l spray g u ns. Just released, these Trophy spray g u n promotiona l pack a ges a re ava i lable on ly throug h author ized Bin k s d istr ibutors for a l im ited time. With the bonus nozzles, a n operator has even more f lex ibi l it y in meeting spray f inish ing needs w ith the Bin k s Trophy ser ies. The ser ies br ings a u nique combi- nation of a l ig ht weig ht , ergonom ic desig n w ith robust eng ineer ing for use w ith a w ide va r iet y of coatings in d iverse appl ications. Trophy 's eng ineer ing generates ma x imu m atom ization ef f iciency that produces u n ifor m pat ter n d istr ibution a nd excel lent tra nsfer ef f iciency to del iver a hig h-qua l it y f in ish. Tel: 1 80 0 -992- 4 657, Web site: w w w.bin k New Glossmeters from Elcometer The new Elcometer 4 80 ra nge of sing le-, dua l-, a nd tr iple-a ng le g lossmeters f rom Elcometer (Rochester H i l ls, M ich iga n) sets new sta nda rds in the f ield of ha nd- held g loss measu rement . The rapid LED technolog y accu rately measu res up to three a ng les at the sa me time at a rate of 10 read ings per second. The products a re easy to use a nd feat u re menu-d r iven color d isplay, robust a nd ergonom ic desig n, statistics a nd g raphing , a nd data out put to A nd roid a nd i Phone mobi le dev ices using USB a nd Blue- tooth. Other key featu res include mea- su rement of g loss, haze, a nd percent ref lecta nce in a sing le u n it; traceable to BA M sta nda rds; speeds up to three times faster tha n other ha nd-held g loss- meters in sta nda rd mode a nd 10 times faster in sca n mode; a nd rea l-time, accu rate, g loss va lues over the entire factor y-assembled Ta n k R ing A node System is fast a nd easy to insta l l w ith no f ield a node assembly requ ired. A sma l l crew ca n insta l l most systems in u nder t wo hou rs w ith no weld ing , hot per m it , spl icing of a node sections, or specia l back f i l l. M ATCOR of fers a Ta n k R ing A node System for new a nd retrof it ta n k s. Tel: +1 267-759 -3605, Web site: w w n k r ing. HEMPADUR AvantGuard Primers Redefine Anticorrosion Globa l coatings suppl ier Hempel (Conroe, Texas) a nnou nced the lau nch of H EM PA DU R Ava ntGua rd ® , a por t- fol io of three new a nticor rosive zinc pr imers. Zinc coatings a re used to pro- tect industr ia l str uct u res a nd equ ip- ment in C4 a nd C5 cor rosive cond itions, where sa lt water a nd h ig h hu m id it y cor- rode u nprotected steel. H EM PA DU R Ava ntGua rd activated zinc pr imers a re based on the patented Ava ntGua rd technolog y a nd were developed for a ra nge of industr ies a nd appl ications— f rom of fshore oi l a nd gas platfor ms to w ind t u rbines. Ava ntGua rd uses hol low g lass spheres a nd a propr ieta r y activa- tor to activate more zinc in the coating , ensu r ing a sig n if ica ntly h ig her ga lva n ic ef fect tha n zinc pr imers w ithout the technolog y. The technolog y a lso enables ba r r ier a nd in h ibitor protection, a nd combines three protective ef fects in one. Add itiona l ly, the u n ique for mu la- tion improves the coating's mecha n ica l streng th, wh ich is essentia l for appl ica- tions w ith ex treme temperat u re a nd hu- m id it y. Tel: +1 936 -523 - 60 0 0, Web site: w w su r face a rea . Each gauge is compatible w ith the ElcoMaster T M data ma na ge- ment sof t wa re, a l low ing g loss measu re- ments to be combined w ith other key measu rements such as coating th ick- ness, ad hesion, a nd oven temperat u re prof i le. Tel: +1 24 8- 650 - 050 0, Web site: w w w.elcometer4 New App Designs Tank Ring Anode System in Seconds M ATCOR (Cha l font , Pennsylva n ia) has developed a new app that saves time in developing a cathod ic protection system for a n aboveg rou nd stora ge ta n k (A ST). Users ca n complete a nd subm it the app at w w n k r ing , then insta ntly receive the Ta n k R ing A node System desig n for the A ST. M ATCOR w i l l be in contact w ith a qu ick quote for the system. M ATCOR's PRODUCT SHOWCASE

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