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NOV 2014

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25 NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 53, NO. 11 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE NOVEMBER 2014 Coating and Repair Putties with Excellent Chemical Resistance and Flexibility Ultra Per for m Coatings GmbH (Roed ing hausen, Ger ma ny) prov ides cor rosion protection systems for u ltra- h ig h product requ irements. Recently, it developed a novel coating system a nd specif ic repa ir put ties for the inter na l protection of process vessels, stora ge ta n k s, a nd pipes for h ig h ly a g g ressive chem ica ls. These adva nced cor rosion protection products conta in hybr id r ubber poly mers in combination w ith mu ltif u nctiona l epox y resins a nd its u n ique Orga no- Cera m ic ® f i l ler. The new coating systems achieve outsta nd ing chem ica l resista nce a nd excel lent abra- sion resista nce w ith concu r rent elastic- it y. Ad hesives of ten show no du rable stabi l it y a ga inst chem ica l inf luences a nd incomplete ad hesion a nd lea k a ges occu r. Th is innovative product develop- ment for spray ing a nd put t y ing prov ides per ma nent substrate protection w ith- out joints, laps, or lea k a ges. Tel: +49 (0)5223 -96276 -23, Web site: w w w. u ltra-per for PPG publishes Coil Coating Color Guide for Building Products PPG Industr ies' (Pittsbu rg h, Pennsyl- va n ia) Coi l a nd Bu i ld ing Products Group publ ished the Building Products Coil Coatings Color Guide , a n eig ht-pa ge brochu re feat u r ing 10 0 coatings color samples categor ized accord ing to eig ht product l ines a nd f ive resin chem istr ies. The book let h ig h l ig hts 30 ind iv idua l colors, ra ng ing f rom Rega l a nd Br ig ht W h ite to Cha rcoa l a nd Sola r-Ref lective Black , for Du ra na r ® U LT R A- Cool ® poly- v inyl idene f luor ide (PV DF) coatings, Du rasta r ® polyester coatings, a nd Du rasta r SM P (si l icone-mod if ied poly- ester) coatings. Included a re f ive color samples each for Du ra na r U LT R A- Cool Su nstor m ® coatings a nd three-coat Du ra na r X L U LT R A- Cool coatings. U LT R A- Cool coatings by PPG a re for mu lated w ith propr ieta r y inf ra red- ref lective pig ments a nd resin technolo- g ies that def lect sola r heat f rom bu i ld- ings, enabl ing them to stay cooler a nd consu me less energ y for a ir cond ition- ing. Tel: 1 888-774 - 4332 , Web site: w w w.ppg 'Roll-to-Roll' Conversion Calculator App A new sma r t phone app f rom DU N MOR E Cor p. (Br istol, Pennsylva n ia) includes a comprehensive l ist of ca lcu lations a nd conversions usef u l for label conver ters or professiona ls work ing w ith continu- ous-web substrates. The f ree appl ica- tion, now ava i lable for i Phones a nd A nd roid dev ices, helps label conver ters a nd industr y ma nu fact u rers qu ick ly ca lcu late rol l outside d ia meter a nd rol l leng th. W h i le developing the app, the compa ny considered wh ich ca lcu lations wou ld be va luable to label conver ters, f i lm ma nu fact u rers, ad hesive coaters, a nd other professiona ls work ing w ith continuous-web substrates. The ca lcu- lator uses f i lm th ick ness, rol l d ia meter, a nd core size to deter m ine the tota l leng th of the substrate. Conversely, it ca lcu lates the overa l l rol l d ia meter when using the f i lm th ick ness, leng th, a nd core size as inputs. Tel: 1 80 0 - 4 4 4 - 0242 , Web site: w w w.du Micro Data Logger for CP Coupons Mobi ltex Technolog ies, Inc. (Ca lga r y, A lber ta , Ca nada) introduces the corTa l k ® u DL2 m icro data log ger, a h ig h- accu racy, t wo- cha nnel instr u- ment desig ned for use w ith cathod ic protec- tion (CP) coupons. A n integ ra l cu r rent detector w ith inter r uption relay a l lows d irect measu rement of coupon a lter nat- ing cu r rent (AC) densit y a nd coupon d irect cu r rent (DC). A reference cel l input prov ides DC potentia l, AC volta ge, a nd insta nt-d isconnect DC potentia l measu rements. A measu rement stora ge capacit y of 2 ,0 0 0,0 0 0 read ings a nd a recha rgeable bat ter y a l low the dev ice to capt u re read ings for over fou r months. A n inter na l GPS receiver prov ides a n accu rate time reference a nd site geo- location coord inates. Tel: +1 4 03 -291- 2770, Web site: w w w.cor ta l k .com. MP welcomes submissions of product press releases and photos for Product Showcase. Please send them to the attention of Husna Miskinyar, NACE International; tel: +1 858-768-0829; e-mail: The Latest Tools for Fighting Corrosion

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