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NOV 2014

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69 NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 53, NO. 11 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE NOVEMBER 2014 Attention Authors New Starting January 2015 • No Manuscript Page Charges • Flat Fee for Color in Print ($1,500 USD) • Flat Fee for Open Access ($1,500 USD) CORROSION is the industry's premier research journal featuring the latest progresses in the science and technology of corrosion control. The world's top corrosion researchers present original, peer-reviewed articles, critical reviews, special topics, and research topical symposium papers. Join the prestigious authors and top researchers receiving worldwide recognition by publishing their research in CORROSION – submit your paper today! father recalls from his visits as a small boy. Supported on the jetty was a f ish- handling conveyor system, and f ive-ton trucks regularly accessed the jetty. I understand that my structural colleagues determined that there was more than ample strength for the pier to continue operating without repairs for some time and recommended annual inspections, with a detailed inspection conducted in 10 years. Molybdenum in stainless steel Q: Is there any specif ic require- ment of minimum Mo percent- age in Ty pe 316L stainless steel (SS) (UNS S31603) to be used for naphthenic acid service with a design TA N of 2.4? A: Cases of Ty pe 316L or 317L SS (UNS S31703) corroding from naphthenic acid are rare and are usually associated with some extenuating circumstances such as very high velocity (>100 ft/s [31 m/s]), defcient Mo content of the alloy (<2%), or unusually low sulfur content (<0.5%) of the stock. From our experience with California crudes with a whole TA N + 6 and total sulfur content of 1.5%, we use Ty pe 317L SS for two-phase, high-velocity conditions such as the furnace transfer line and for thin items such as packing. We use Ty pe 316L for sidecut piping. We have not required any limits on Mo content other than what is specifed for the particular grade. We also use A lloy 6254 for thermowells in the high-velocity stream. We've had one failure of Ty pe 316L strip lining on the vacuum tower inlet nozzle, which was repaired with Ty pe 317L weld overlay. The velocity was ~300 ft/s (91 m/s) and the temperature was ~750 °F (399 °C). A: In any naphthenic acid service, you would like to specif y at least 2.2% Mo. Sometimes regular Ty pe 316 (UNS S31600) or 316L works and sometimes it doesn't. Because it may be difcult to get 316/316L to the high end of the Mo specifcation, it may be easier to call for Ty pe 317 (UNS S31700) or 317L, which has Mo up in the 3.5% range. It is difcult to determine if you need the higher Mo content on TA N numbers alone. Some low-number crudes/products are very aggressive and some higher ones are not. NACE NEW ORLEANS SECTION 16TH ANNUAL EDUCATION WEEK DECEMBER 1-6, 2014 • NEW ORLEANS AIRPORT HILTON to register for NACE Section Local Courses NACE NEW ORLEANS SECTION COURSES DATES NACE MEMBER & NONMEMBER INSTRUCTOR Corrosion in Oil & Gas Production (COG) December 1-3 $400 Charlie Speed Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) December 1-3 $300 Peter Bock Rectifier School (RECTIFIER) December 2-3 $250 Jim Dragoset & Ben Carpenter Oilfield Chemical School (OCS) December 4-5 $300 15 Subject Matter Experts GENERAL NACE EDUCATION DATES PRICING & REGISTRATION INSTRUCTOR Basic Corrosion (BC) December 1-5 For pricing and to register for these NACE General Education courses, go to nolacourses Raul A. Castillo Designing for Corrosion Control (DCC) December 1-5 Jerry Byrd Corrosion Control in the Refining Industry (CCRI) December 1-5 Ray Quinter Protective Coatings Specialist PCS-1 Basic Principles December 1-3 Dannie Vickers Protective Coatings Specialist PCS-2 Advanced December 4-6 Dannie Vickers Students are responsible for hotel reservations. Contact the New Orleans Airport Hilton at +1 504-469-5000 or 1 800-445-8667 and ask for the NACE Event Rate Code: NAC. Room rate is $129/night. For more information about Education Week, visit For more information about New Orleans Section Events, visit

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