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DEC 2014

Materials Performance is the world's most widely circulated magazine dedicated to corrosion prevention and control. MP provides information about the latest corrosion control technologies and practical applications for every industry and environment.

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24 DECEMBER 2014 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 53, NO. 12 PRODUCT SHOWCASE New EcoClean VpCI-411 Cleaner/Degreaser Cor tec (St . Pau l, M innesota) pres- ents VpCI- 411, a h ig h ly concen- trated, heav y-dut y, water- d i lutable, d-l imonene-based clea ner/deg reaser l iqu id w ith patented vapor phase cor rosion in h ibiting technolog y. VpCI- 411 is a n econom ica l replacement for nu merous su r face prepa ration products. Th is biobased, biode- g radable product is desig ned for ex tra toug h clea n ing jobs in industr ia l a nd commercia l appl ications. VpCI- 411 ef fectively clea ns heav y-dut y mach iner y, shop tools, hoods, pa r ts-in-process, food-processing equ ipment , of f ice equ ipment , f loors, wa l ls, lavator ies, a nd desk s. It is excel lent in for d issolv ing g rease, oi l, pa ra f f in, a nd wa x , a nd of fers a pleasa nt odor. Th is clea ner/deg reaser ca n be used on a l l eng ineer ing meta ls a nd a l loys. Un l i ke other solvent-based clea ners, wh ich a re ha r m f u l to hu ma n sk in a nd clas- sif ied as haza rdous mater ia ls, VpCI- 411 is completely sa fe to ha nd le, non-tox ic, non-abrasive, a nd ex tremely econom ica l. Tel: 1 80 0 - 426 -7832 , Web site: cor NRI's THERMO-WRAP Sets New Industry Standard TH ER MO -W R A P, a custom-eng ineered repa ir system f rom N R I (West Pa lm Beach, Flor ida) that uti l izes a f iber- g lass, composite-reinforced coating , now feat u res a th icker, non-cr imped, g lass f iber a rch itect u re a nd na not ube- enr iched resin that combine to y ield h ig her-streng th cha racter istics that requ ire fewer layers per appl ication. TH ER MO -W R A P's proven temperat u re resista nce a l lows for a broader ra nge of h ig h-temperat u re appl ications in ha rsh chem ica l env ironments. Its u n ique na not ube-enr iched f i l ler a nd a mbient- cu red resin for mu lation doesn't requ ire post cu r ing of the composite system for t y pica l appl ications. The patented inspection feat u re of the resin for mu la- tion a lso a l lows common rad iog raphy inspection methods to mon itor the integ r it y of a n in-ser v ice TH ER MO - W R A P repa ir throug h the cou rse of its intended desig n l ife. TH ER MO -W R A P Inspectable is used to repa ir cor roded or da ma ged ref iner y process piping w ith ha rsh chem ica l ser v ices a nd for mu lation that prevents yel low ing at temperat u res up to 1,20 0 °F (6 49 °C) a nd is su itable for a w ide ra nge of industr ia l, commercia l, a nd consu mer product appl ications. Un l i ke conventiona l h ig h-heat wh ite pa ints that yel low at elevated temperat u res, th is pa int rema ins wh ite a nd w i l l not ch ip, crack , or peel. Desig ned for vent pipes a nd other pa r ts ex posed to 1,20 0 °F, Thu r ma lox 29 0 - 0 0 heat-resista nt wh ite pa int ca n be used w ith Da mpney 's clea r g loss topcoat to ach ieve a porcela in-l i ke f in ish. Pr ice quotations a re prov ided upon request . Tel: +1 617-389 -2805, Web site: da PPG Launches DURANAR ADS Coatings for Architectural Metals PPG Industr ies' (Pittsbu rg h, Pennsylva n ia) coi l a nd bu i ld ing products coatings g roup lau nched DU R A NA R ® A DS (a ir-d r ied system) f luoropoly mer coating , a newly for mu- lated product that su r passes the per for- ma nce of the or ig ina l DU R A NA R A DS coating. The nex t-generation DU R A NA R A DS coating , desig ned for touch ing up f luoropoly mer f in ishes on a rch itect u ra l meta ls da ma ged du r ing production or f ield insta l lation, combines A rkema's K Y NA R ® A DS2™ f luor inated copoly mer resin a nd PPG's propr ieta r y chem istr y. It is ava i lable in a w ide ra nge of sol id, meta l l ic, a nd pea rlescent colors a nd in PPG's inf ra red (I R)-ref lective pig ment technolog y. Br ia n K napp, PPG ma na ger, coi l a nd bu i ld ing products coatings, says, " The new coating technolog y, developed in pa r tnersh ip by PPG a nd A rkema , repre- sents a sig n if ica nt adva nce in ou r industr y because it d ra matica l ly ex pa nds customers' abi l it y to solve a problem they common ly face in the f ield." Tel: 1 888-774 - 4332 , Web site: ppg elevated temperat u res. This operator- qua l if ied, eng ineered system is desig ned to confor m to A SM E PCC-2 , A SM E B31, ISO TS24 817, DOT, A PI, a nd CSA Z662 sta nda rds for nonmeta l l ic bonded repa irs. Tel: +1 561- 683 - 6992 , Web site: nept u neresea Heat-Resistant White Paint A new ready-to-use, heat-resista nt wh ite pa int , introduced by Da mpney Co., Inc. (Everet t , Massachuset ts) for a w ide ra nge of coating appl ications, is non-yel low ing at elevated tempera- t u res. Thu r ma lox 29 0 - 0 0 heat-resista nt wh ite pa int feat u res a propr ieta r y

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