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DEC 2014

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25 NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 53, NO. 12 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE DECEMBER 2014 The Latest Tools for Fighting Corrosion Intersleek 381/425 for Advanced Long-Life Fouling Control The Inter nationa l bra nd of protective coatings, l in ings, a nd f ire protection products f rom A k zoNobel (Houston, Texas) introduced Intersleek ® 381/425— a n adva nced, h ig h-technolog y long-l ife fou l ing control system—into the Nor th A mer ica n power a nd water a nd waste- water ma rket seg ments. Desig ned specif ica l ly for use in wet or u nder water ser v ice appl ications, Intersleek 381/425 helps to sig n if ica ntly reduce ma inte- na nce a nd clea n ing costs associated w ith fou l ing control w ithout the ha r m- f u l env ironmenta l impact of biocides. W hen appl ied w ith sta nda rd spray equ ipment a nd used in conju nction w ith su itable a nticor rosive pr imers, the ther ma l ly a nd chem ica l ly resista nt three-coat system of fers a hig h ly ef fec- tive, long-l ife fou l ing solution. Ty pica l a ntifou l ing appl ications include penstock s a nd trash screens, sewa ge cla r if ier ta n k s, f resh water inta kes, t u nnels, a nd f resh water cha nnels. Tel: 1 80 0 -525 - 6824, Web site: inter nationa th-a mer ica . MMFX2 Rebar Is Now Chro _ mX 9000 Series M M F X Steel Cor p. (Ir v ine, Ca l ifor n ia) is rebra nd ing the popu la r M M F X 2 ® concrete reinforcing steels, wh ich w i l l now be the Chro – m X ® 9 0 0 0 Ser ies, to f it w ith in its ex pa nd ing h ig h-streng th steel product l ine. Th is ser ies includes Chro – m X 910 0 (Grade 10 0) a nd Chro – m X 9120 (Grade 120) reba r, both sold u nder the A STM A1035 specif ication. The Chro – m X 9 0 0 0 products prov ide h ig h streng th w ith ducti l it y as wel l as h ig h cor rosion resista nce—f ive times more tha n sta nda rd ca rbon steel—a nd out per for m epox y-coated a nd ga lva- n ized reba r for cor rosion protection. The product's adva nta geous proper ties come f rom the steel 's chem istr y a nd u n ique m icrostr uct u re. Since there a re no f ra g i le coatings, Chro – m X 910 0 a nd 9120 ca n be ha nd led a nd fabr icated just l i ke conventiona l reba r. Uti l izing the h ig h-streng th ef f iciencies a nd super ior cor rosion resista nce, Chro – m X 9 0 0 0 reba r reduces upf ront constr uction costs, constr uction time, a nd repa ir a nd ma intena nce costs. Th is equates to m i l l ions of dol la rs in sav ings in constr uction a nd over the ser v ice l ife of the str uct u re. Tel: +1 515 -557-20 08, Web site: mm f x .com. Conformal Coatings to Protect Electronics in Extreme Environments In response to the need for confor ma l coatings, A I Technolog y (A IT) (Pr inceton, New Jersey) presents its improved Pr ima Protect™ coating l ine for moist u re a nd sa lt fog protection. Two chief Pr ima Protect coatings, CC709 0E a nd CC7130 -E , of fer ex treme moist u re, sa lt fog , a nd d irect immersion protection for electr ica l contacts, elec- tron ic circu its a nd dev ices, pr inted w ir ing boa rds, a nd str uct u res made w ith meta l, wood, a nd plastics. A IT 's Pr ima Protect coatings a re molecu la rly f lex ible for g reat ad hesion a nd abrasion resista nce. The coatings have added f lex ibi l it y to w ithsta nd low-tempera- t u re crack ing a nd f u ng icide to prov ide add itiona l protection in submerged env ironments, a re non-si l icone, a nd electr ica l ly insu lating to prevent inter- ference w ith neig hbor ing electron ics. Both CC709 0E a nd CC7130 -E a re desig ned to meet a l l of the I PC CC830 requ irements for u ltrav iolet (U V) inspection dye a nd f u ng i resista nce. Tel: +1 609 -799 -9388, Web site: a itechnolog TCG Launches New Material Options The Composites Group (TCG) (H ig h la nd Heig hts, Ohio) a nnou nced the ava i labi l- it y of Prem ierLT L703S a nd Prem ierU V VQH-55S, t wo new mater ia ls recently added to the Prem ierLT™ a nd Pre- m ierU V™ product fam i l ies of h ig h- per for ma nce ther moset sheet mold ing compou nds (SMCs). " We a re comm it ted to prog ressive resea rch a nd develop- ment ef for ts that both add ress ou r cus- tomers' needs today a nd a nticipate what the ma rket w i l l dema nd in the f ut u re," says D w ig ht Morga n, v ice presi- dent of sa les a nd ma rketing. Prem ierLT L703S of fers a n excel lent su r face prof i le for h ig h ly v isible pa inted ex ter iors, ma k ing it idea l for body pa nel, str uc- t u ra l, a nd sem i-str uct u ra l appl ications where exceptiona l su r face appea ra nce, h ig h streng th, a nd du rabi l it y a re re- qu ired in a low-densit y composite. It ca n be pa inted a nd sa nded. Prem ierU V VQH-55S, the th ird of fer ing in TCG's Prem ierU V l ine of hig h-per for ma nce, u ltrav iolet (U V)-resista nt , f la me- reta rda nt ther moset SMCs, is a f iber- g lass-reinforced ther moset SMC for str uct u ra l a nd sem i-str uct u ra l appl ica- tions that requ ire h ig h streng th, U V- resista nce, a nd du rabi l it y in a low- densit y composite. Tel: +1 4 4 0 -224 -2181, Web site: thecompositesg —Husna Miskinyar

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