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DEC 2014

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36 DECEMBER 2014 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 53, NO. 12 CATHODIC PROTECTION FIGURE 5 (a) The buried pipeline of the oil station without grounding and (b) the buried pipeline of the oil station with grounding. FIGURE 6 (a) The position of the anodes without grounding and (b) the result of the simulation without grounding. • If all other conditions are the same, the addition of a grounding system will reduce CP effectiveness. • Both the horizontal distance between the grounding conductor and the pipeline and the buried depth of the ground have a minimal ef fect on pipeline CP. • The length of the grounding conduc- tor has significant impact on the CP of the pipeline. A small increase in the length of the grounding conduc- tor can cause a large positive offset in the pipeline's CP potentials. • Achieving effective CP for a grounded piping system requires many more s a cri f i ci al an o d e s th an a pipin g system that is not grounded, with corresponding increases in costs for materials and installation. References 1 X. Sun, Q. Tang, G. Li, "Electrochemical Cor- rosion Principle of Grounding Device and the Application of Cathodic Protection ," Digital Technolog y and Application 4 (2010): pp. 127-128. 2 I. Colominas, F. Navarrina, M. Casteleiro, "A Boundary Element Formulation for the Substation Grounding Design," Engineering Software 30 (1999): pp. 693-700. 3 E.L. Kirkpatrick, "Electrical Grounding and Cathodic Protection Issues in Large Generat- ing Stations," MP 40, 11 (2001): pp. 17-18. 4 I.A. Metwally, H.M. Al-Mandhari, A. Gastli, Z. Nadir, "Factors Affecting Cathodic-Protec- tion Interference," Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 31 (2007): pp. 485-493. 5 Z. Lan, X. Wang, B. Hou, Z. Wang, J. Song, S. Chen, "Simulation of Sacrificial Anode Protection for Steel Platform Using Bound- ary Element Method," Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 36 (2012): pp. 903- 906. 6 J.X. Jia, G. Song, A. Atrens, D. St. John, J. Bayn- ham, G. Chandler, "Evaluation of the BEASY Program Using Linear and Piecewise Linear Approaches for the Boundary Conditions," Mat. Corros. 55, 11 (2004): pp. 845-52. 7 Y. Du, M. Lu, S. Shao, "Investigation of the Cathodic Protection Potential Distribution on the Exterior of Steel Tank Bottom," COR- ROSION 2011, paper no. 11317 (Houston, TX: NACE International, 2011). 8 G.C. Liu, W. Sun, L. Wang, Y. Li, "Modeling Cathodic Shielding of Sacrificial Anode Cathodic Protection Systems in Seawater," Mat. Corros. 64, 6 (2013). 9 Y. Wu, T. Hu, Y. Tang, "The Contrast Analysis of Several Different Grounding Materials under the Condition of Different Soil," The Chinese Meteorological Society. 10 B. Wang, S. Ma, Q. Wan, "The Study on Effec- tive Length of Vertical Grounding Body," High Voltage Tech. 1, 6-10 (1990). GAN CUI is a doctoral student at the China University of Petroleum, The Yangzi River West Rd. No. 66, Qingdao City, Shangdong Province, China, e-mail: He is involved in corrosion testing and laboratory experiments. During his studies he received a frst-class learning scholarship, national inspirational scholarship, excellent organizer of science and technology, outstanding cadres, and other honors. During his M.S. degree studies he won a frst-class learning scholarship and national scholarship. He has participated in more than 10 projects that are relevant to corrosion, and has published more than 10 papers. ZILI LI is a professor at the China University of Petroleum, e-mail: His research focuses on numerical simulation in liquid-liquid separation hydro cyclone fow felds, cyclone structure optimization, gas pipe network dynamic simulation and optimization design, oilfeld gathering pipe network optimal operation management software development, oil and gas storage and transportation safety evaluation, light oil storage and transportation systems of oil vapor recovery technology, and oil and gas storage and transportation engineering anticorrosion technology. He has presided over or participated in the ninth fve-year plan of CNPC and Sinopec and the oil group of young and middle-aged innovation fund. He has published more than 80 papers and is a member of NACE International. (a) (b) Pipeline Grounding (a) (b) Pipeline Anode Anode

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