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DEC 2014

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73 NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 53, NO. 12 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE DECEMBER 2014 Your Association in Action In New Zealand, the NACE Foundation cKit TM experiments also piqued the inter- est of Wayne Thomson, a member of the Australasian Corrosion Association. Recognizing the value and potential to spread corrosion awareness to the younger generation, Thomson visited Bucklands Beach Primary School in Auckland, New Zealand. There, he demonstrated experi- ments from the cKit TM , and engaged a class of Year 5 students (nine-year-olds), teaching them about the destructive effects of corrosion. To begin, students discussed the effects of corrosion on everyday items made of iron, such as cars and bridges, and the impor- tance of corrosion prevention. Thomson explained that it is possible to prevent items from corroding by removing oxygen and the electrolyte from the environment. Students then participated in a demon- stration of cKit TM Experiment #3: "Fruit 'Juice' Objective," and learned about the basic principles of electrochemistry: the movement of electrons between a metal surface and an electrolyte. From this experi- ment, students discovered that a current can be generated by inserting strips of zinc and copper into a lemon. The zinc functions as the anode and deteriorates, while the copper acts as the cathode to consume the electrons produced by the reaction. In addition to electrochemistry, the experiment exposed students to principles in cathodic protec- tion and the galvanic series, where metals low on the galvanic series, such as zinc, act as sacrificial anodes to metals higher on the galvanic series, such as copper. Thomson's demonstration at Buckland Beach Primary School is one example of how the NACE Foundation cKit TM is a great tool for engaging the future generation in corrosion prevention. The program would not be successful without the support of Carboline Company, a long-time sponsor since the cKit's inception in 2005. The NACE Foundation would also like to extend its gratitude to Tinker & Rasor for donating the voltmeter components to this year's cKits. Without the hard work of participat- ing teachers and cKit supporters like Wayne Thomson, the NACE Foundation would not be as successful in its efforts to inspire the next generation of corrosion professionals. For more information on the NACE Foundation cKit TM program, or to make a donation to the program, please visit the Web site at NACE OFFICERS P R E S I D E N T H A R V E Y P . H A C K , F N A C E * Northrup Grumman Corp. Annapolis, MD V I C E P R E S I D E N T Jim Feather* Retired, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Fairfax, VA T R E A S U R E R Keith Perkins* Williams Gas Pipeline Transco Houston, TX P A S T P R E S I D E N T T u s h a r J h a v e r i * Vasu Chemicals Mumbai, India C H I E F E X E C U T I V E O F F I C E R Robert H. Chalker* NACE International Houston, TX D I R E C T O R S Jenny Been | 2012-2015 | Northern Area TransCanada Pipelines Calgary, AB, Canada Timothy Bieri | 2012-2015 | Publications Activities BP America Inc. Houston, TX Sylvia Hall | 2012-2015 | Western Area Sylvia Hall Engineering Hacienda Heights, CA Abdullah Al-Ghamdi | 2013-2016 | West Asia & Africa Area Saudi Aramco Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Jane Brown | 2013-2016 | Central Area Brown Corrosion Services Houston, TX Steven Hoff | 2013-2016 | Eastern Area South Carolina Electric and Gas Camden, SC Scott Lillard, FNACE | 2013-2016 | Technical Research Activities University of Akron Akron, OH Sam McFarland | 2013-2016 | European Area Shell Amsterdam, The Netherlands Fabian Sanchez | 2013-2016 | Latin America Area OCP Ecuador S.A. Quito, Ecuador Bruce Cookingham | 2014-2017 | Education Activities BP Houston, TX Peter Harkins | 2014-2017 | Conferences & Expositions Activities Tinker & Rasor Co. San Bernardino, CA Michelle Lau | 2014-2017 | East Asia & Pacifc Rim Area Mach3 Engineering Selangor, Malaysia E X O F F I C I O D I R E C T O R S Neil G. Thompson, FNACE President, NACE International Foundation Chris Fowler, FNACE President, NACE International Institute *Executive Committee members NACE International conducted a Coating Inspector Program Level 1 class in Cebu, The Philippines, taught by NACE Instructors Phil Fouche and Rhay Toledo. NACE conducts hundreds of courses in all areas of corrosion control throughout the world.

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