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MAY 2015

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16 MAY 2015 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 54, NO. 5 MATERIAL MATTERS Three panels with a zinc-based nanolaminated coating are shown prior to salt fog exposure (left) and after 4,344 h of salt fog exposure (right). Photos courtesy of Modumetal. Continued f rom page 15 the zinc is possible because of the coating's nanolayered architecture. The strength of the coating also can be enhanced, she adds, by creating a nanolayer interface that pre- vents dislocation movement in the alloy. Nanolaminated components using this coating process are commercially avail- able for the oil and gas, aviation, defense, and highway construction industries. Coated products include small-scale tubular joints, valves, connectors, and fasteners. To evaluate the performance of the zinc-based nanolaminated coating in terms of improved corrosion resistance and extended service life of offshore as- sets, laboratory tests have been conducted on metallic test coupons as well as steel fasteners—important components on off- shore assets that corrode in the marine en- vironment and often need to be replaced, Lomasney says. The tests included three types of accelerated corrosion tests and seven different mechanical tests. Addi- tionally, field trials are currently in prog- ress in a tropical offshore environment to verify the results of the laboratory tests. The zinc-based nanolaminated coating consistently demonstrated good results in the standardized coatings tests and the offshore field trial. The experimental methods and results are reported in a paper presented at CORROSION 2015 in Dallas, Texas. 1 Source: Modumetal, Inc., Contact Christina Lomasney, Modumetal— e-mail: Reference 1 M.W. Joosten, J. Vander Laan, S. Lomasney, C. Lomasney, L. Collinson, J. St. Clair, "Nano- Laminated, Metallic Coatings for Corrosion and Abrasion Resistance," CORROSION 2015, paper no. 5735 (Houston, TX: NACE Interna- tional, 2015).

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