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MAY 2015

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24 MAY 2015 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 54, NO. 5 PRODUCT SHOWCASE New Air Caps for Binks Spray Guns Finishing Brands (Glendale Heights, Illinois), manufacturer of Binks industrial finishing equipment, has introduced two new air caps and additional configurations for the Binks Trophy spray gun series. The 39-H (for high volume, low pressure [HV LP]) and 25-L (for low volume, medium pressure [LV MP]) are now available through authorized Binks dis- tributors. Constructed from anodized alumi- num, the Binks 39-H Trophy air cap is designed for use with wood, metal, general in- dustrial, and plastic applications. The pattern is 11 to 13 in (279 to 330 mm) long with straight sides and rounded ends. The 39-H is typically used for pressure spraying thin to medium viscosity materials that require high-quality atomization under HV LP pressures. Binks Trophy Series brings a unique combination of a lightweight, ergo- nomic design with robust engineering for use with a wide variety of coatings in diverse applications. Tel: 1 800-992-4657, Web site: Metal Repair System for Wet and Oil-Contaminated Surfaces A new paste grade material from Belzona (Miami, Florida) achieves a quick, durable repair even in oil-contaminated, wet, and cold areas. When ideal surface prepara- tion of a metallic substrate cannot be achieved due to lack of time or resources, Belzona 1212 provides a cost-effective and durable repair that can reinstate equip- ment for years of service. Belzona 1212 has been specifically designed to bypass the need for grit-blasting, while still provid- ing excellent adhesion to surfaces con- taminated with an extensive range of oils and fuels, wet surfaces, and even under- water surfaces. Many application environ- ments, such as marine and splash zones, require a water-tolerant repair system. Belzona 1212 displaces water from the substrate and can be applied to damp or underwater surfaces and yield excellent adhesion. When a corrosion repair is re- quired (e.g., on a ship), the corrosion spots can easily and successfully be fixed in- stead of taking the vessel out of service for dry dock restoration. Tel: +1 305-594-4994, Web site: Electric Actuators for the Oil and Gas Industries Asahi/America, Inc. (Lawrence, Massa- chusetts), a provider of f luid f low solu- tions for corrosive environments, is show- casing its Series 92 electric actuators, which have been installed in a variety of oil and gas applications including pipeline transmission, well head control, drilling f luids, and chemical plants. The Series 92 actuators are ATEX certified, UL1203 cer- tified, and ABS approved. The rugged con- struction, proven design, and customiz- able options for the Series 92 actuators make them the perfect workhorse for the oil and gas industry. The Series 92 enclo- sure is a die-cast aluminum alloy with a thermally bonded powder-coat finish. This UL1203 explosion-proof enclosure is bolted together in two sections by eight 5/16-in (8 mm) hex-head cap screws and fit- ted with an O-ring between the two halves, allowing the Series 92 actuators to weather harsh and hazardous environ- ments. Tel: 1 800-343-3618, Web site: Low- and High-Pressure Respirators and Supplied-Air Systems Allegro Industries (Piedmont, South Caro- lina), a pioneer in the concept of supplied- air systems, offers a complete line of National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)-approved respirator masks, hoods, helmets, air-source equip- ment, and accessories. Low- and high- pressure systems are available with a vari- ety of useful accessories, including f low test kits, carbon monoxide (CO) monitors, and airline cascade kits. Low-pressure systems are manufactured with a contin- uous-f low supplied-air mask, hood, and helmet/air shield in addition to a sup- plied-air source and 50 or 100 ft (15 or 31 m) of breathing air hose. These systems are good for one to three workers. The de- luxe supplied-air shield/helmet system for one or two workers provides all-in-one head, eye, and face respirator protection against hazardous airborne contaminants and f lying debris. Items can be purchased separately or a complete system can be or- dered by using just one part number. Tel: 1 800-622-3530, Web site:

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