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MAY 2015

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26 MAY 2015 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 54, NO. 5 PRODUCT SHOWCASE Continued f rom page 25 unparalleled performance in tempera- tures up to 400 °F (204 °C). It consists of a monolithic unit molded from continuous strand glass mat in a hybrid thermoset- ting resin around a core of foam insula- tion, and has a compressive strength of 27,500 psi. In addition to its high strength, the composite material has low thermal conductivity, which prevents heats sinks and f luctuations in pipe system tempera- tures. Tel: +1 713-956-2922, Web site: Sensors That Learn TM from METTLER TOLEDO A significant issue when operating inline process analytical measurement systems is knowing when pH sensors will require maintenance or if a sensor is going to fail unexpectedly. METTLER TOLEDO (Udorf, Switzerland) has a solution—its intelli- gent sensor management (ISM) technol- og y and sensors that learn. ISM is a digital platform for analytical sensors that in- creases process reliability, simplifies sen- sor handling, and reduces maintenance. At its core, ISM features a series of ad- vanced algorithms that continuously monitor a sensor's "health" and provide diagnostic tools that predict when main- tenance will be required and when a sen- sor will reach the end of its reliable life- time. New ISM algorithms launched in 2015 allow pH sensors to actually learn from the conditions in a process. Sensors That Learn TM delivers more accurate sen- sor health diagnostics faster than previ- ous versions, and enhances the consis- tency of sensor lifetime information. Tel: 1 800-352-8763, Web site: Cyclops Logger App for AMETEK LAND Thermometer The Cyclops Log- ger App, an inno- vative new app launched by AMETEK LAND (Pittsburgh, Penn- sylvania) for its market-leading portable thermom- eter Cyclops, is now available to download free on Google play. The app enhances op- eration by making it even easier for any- one with a smartphone or tablet to cap- ture and share live data from a Land Cyclops portable thermometer. The app features a unique route mode manage- ment system that ensures temperature measurements are recorded at preconfig- ured locations. Single or multiple routes can be uploaded onto the app, with the op- tion to preset a variety of parameters such as emissivity and window correction. This provides configurable measurement routes for a plant or process, making it ideal for areas with multiple locations that require regular monitoring. A four-digit code assigned to each temperature read- ing along the route allows predefined in- formation, along with the date and time, to be recorded about the material's emis- sivity at every location within the produc- tion process. Tel: + 1 412-826-4444, Web site: MP welcomes submissions of product press releases and photos for Product Showcase. Please send them to the attention of Husna Miskinyar, NACE International; tel: +1 858- 768-0829; e-mail:

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