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MAY 2015

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MAY 2015 VOL. 54, NO. 5 IN THIS ISSUE CORROSION PREVENTION AND CONTROL WORLDWIDE MATERIALS PERFORMANCE Carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) capture and sequestration (CCS) technologies can play an important role in decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. Conditions in a CO 2 capture plant, however, can be very corrosive to its metallurgy due to high oxygen and CO 2 levels as well as impurities. Now, with advanced plant process control system technology being used to regularly monitor plant process conditions, it is possible to incorporate a relatively new online, real-time corrosion monitoring approach. See the article on p. 28. MATERIALS SELECTION & DESIGN 58 Effects of Crude Oil on the Corrosion Behavior of Pipeline Steel Under Wet CO 2 Liang Wei, Xiaolu Pang, and Kewei Gao 64 The Carbon Dioxide/Hydrogen Sulfde Ratio— Use and Relevance Stephen N. Smith, FNACE 68 Corrosion Fatigue Failure of a Water Injection Line in Oil Operation Mohamed Hanafy El-Sayed CATHODIC PROTECTION 32 Sacrifcial Anode Cathodic Protection at a Coastal Power Plant G. Yan, L. Yan, Zhu Xichang, Zhang Xiaoben, and Ouyang Weiwei 36 CP Essentials SPECIAL FEATURE 28 Tracking Corrosion in Real Time in a Carbon Dioxide Capture Plant Kathy Riggs Larsen COATINGS & LININGS 40 Probing Potential and Solution pH under Disbonded Coating on Pipelines D. Kuang and Y.F. Cheng 46 CL Essentials CHEMICAL TREATMENT 52 Corrosion Studies of Scale Dissolver in a Carbon Dioxide- Containing Environment Sudhakar Mahajanam, Raymundo Case, Karen Cloke, Jordan Daniels, Jeremy Dunn, and Frode Bredal About the Cover 2 MAY 2015 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 54, NO.5 20

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