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MAY 2015

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71 NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 54, NO. 5 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE MAY 2015 Conclusions and Recommendations Based on the experimental results and discussion, the following conclusions and recommendations can be drawn: • The pipe material did not contribute to the failure as it was the correct ma- terial for the application and con- formed to the specified standards. • Failure of the external coating on the in a c c e ssi bl e p or tion of th e pip e caused severe localized corrosion and pitting. • The root cause of the failure was cor- rosion fatigue. • Suitable coating of the external sur- face of the pipe with careful applica- tion at the inaccessible portion of the pipe is recommended • Eliminating sources of fatigue by im- proving the line suspension system and increasing the fixation points near the inaccessible portion wher- ever possible is also recommended. References 1 R . Ebara, "Corrosion Fatigue Phenomena Learned from Failure Analysis," Eng. Failure Analysis 13 (2006): pp. 516-525. 2 R . Barr y D o ol ley, A. Bursi k, "Corrosion Fatigue," Power Plant Chem. 11, 10 (2009): pp. 586-591. 3 N.W. Sachs, Practical Plant Failure Analysis (New York, NY: CRC Press, 2007). 4 H. Kaesche, "Corrosion of Metals," Engineer- ing Materials and P rocesses (Berlin, Ger - many : Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Brain Derby, 2003), pp. 525-543. 5 J. Congleton, I.H. Craig, Corrosion Processes, R.N. Parkins, ed. (London, U.K.: Applied Sci- ence Publishers London, 1982), p. 209. 6 R .L. Prowse, M.L. Wayman, "Effect of Envi- ronment on the Fatigue Behavior of a Me- dium Carbon Steel," Corrosion 30, 8 (1974): pp. 280-284 (published online 2013). 7 P.C. Paris, F. Erdogan, J. Basic Engineering, ASME Trans. 85 (1963): p. 528. 8 A S M Ha n d b o ok Volu m e 13A, C orrosi on : Fundamental, Testing and Protection, S.D. Cramer, B.S. Covino, eds. (Materials Park, OH: ASM, 2003), pp. 946-958. 9 API Spec 5L X52, "Specification for Line Pipe" (Washington, DC: API). MOHAMED HANAFY EL-SAYED is head of the training school, IWE, ATB, at the Central Metallurgical R&D Institute (CMRDI), PO Box 87, El-Tabeen, Helwan, Cairo, Egypt, e-mail: hanafys@hotmail. com. He received his Ph.D. in production engineering from JWRI of Japan. He conducts research and publishes in the areas of welding, brazing, soldering, and solid state joining. He is a lecturer in materials science, welding, and brazing for engineers working in the industrial sector in Egypt. He performs in situ metallogra- phy and replica testing for power plant, petrochemical, oil and gas, and cement companies, as well as failure analyses in these sectors. A 21-year member of NACE International, El-Sayed received a Award of the Japan High Temperature Society for a special invited lecture during a 2002 conference. of Readers Have a Role in Product Decisions 88 % 2.6 Readers per copy Potential Reading Audience 85,000 Take Action! 92% • Bought Products/Services • Recommend Products/Services • Visited Advertiser's Web Site • Discussed /Referred Ads and Articles • Connected via Social Media ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES Upcoming ISSUE EDITORIAL SPECIAL SECTION September Refinery and Chemical Processing Corrosion Company Showcase October Concrete Structure Corrosion | CORROSION 2016 Advance Program CORROSION 2016 Advance Program August Oil and Gas Pipeline Corrosion | Corrosion Control for Storage Tanks Call Diane Gross today at +1 281-228-6446 Corrosion Fatigue Failure of a Water Injection Line in Oil Operation

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