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MAY 2015

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72 MAY 2015 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 54, NO. 5 Mascoat provides coatings that insu- late and protect industrial, commercial, marine, and automotive substrates around the world. Mascoat does not pro- duce a "one-size-f its-all" coating, but instead engineers and manufactures a product line that fulf ills market-specif ic needs. Strict testing standards ensure that its products will conserve energ y, protect personnel, prevent corrosion, and save time and money. Mascoat's team is comprised of lead- ing industry experts and engineers, and highly skilled sales and support staff. As a solutions provider, their unique combination of technolog y, application history, and extensive testing provides high-quality coatings available for ther- mal protection, condensation protection, and sound control. The company's central focus is the development and manufacture of these coatings, while at the same time creating and advancing standards for the insulat- ing coatings industry as a whole. Mascoat also strives to educate end users, contrac- tors, engineers, and the general public on the benef its and limits of the technolog y. As a corporate member of NACE International, Mascoat participates in the organization's annual CORROSION expo, Bring on the Heat conferences, and on technical committees. "Being a NACE member is integral to our ability to educate end users, engi- neers, and other members of the benef its and limits of insulating coatings," says Mascoat's Marketing Director Will Conner. "NACE is a driving force to pre- vent corrosion in many industries, so it serves us well to team up with this ty pe of organization. Through conferences, trade shows, publications, and technical groups, we have been able to educate thousands of professionals who have a need to prevent corrosion in their facility or their customer's facility." With increased acceptance of the technolog y over the last few years, it was identif ied that standards must be devel- oped to assist end users and engineers when specif ying insulating coatings. Currently, Mascoat is working with a NACE task group to help def ine these standards, most recently regarding per- sonnel protection using insulating coat- ings. So, not only will companies know how to protect their substrates from cor- rosion, they will also know how to protect workers from hot surfaces. SPOTLIGHT On NACE International Corporate Members The Marine Coatings User's Handbook Item No. 37594 A NACE Publication by Louis D. Vincent, Ph.D. 1 (800) 797 6223 For more information and additional titles A practical approach to every major marine coating challenge $120 .00 $90 .00 LIST PRICE NACE MEMBER PRICE ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY 403 Pages 12 Chapters Softbound ISBN 15792532 M ascoat was founded in 1995 to pro- vide an insulation solution in a coating form that has revolutionized how many different industries insulate and protect equipment and facilities. Under founder George More's leadership, the company strived to independently vali- date the coatings' abilities so potential customers would have conf idence in choosing a relatively new technolog y. Thanks in part to those efforts, Mascoat's insulating coatings are now widely accepted as a viable alternative to conventional insulation methods in many areas. A long with a f lagship production facility and corporate off ice in Houston, Texas, Mascoat also has sales off ices in Holland and China. With the help of well- established distributors, Mascoat is cur- rently offered in over 70 countries. THIS MONTH: SILVER CORPORATE MEMBER MASCOAT

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