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JAN 2011

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Material Matters In situ corrosion monitoring helps preserve shipwreck artifacts KPWZ[ ?PQTM UIVa Q\MU[ PI^M JMMV ZMKW^MZML NZWU \PM IZKPIMWTWOQKIT [Q\M _PQKP TQM[ JMVMI\P \W N\ \W U WN _I\MZ UIVa UWZM IZM [\QTT TaQVO WV \PM WKMIV ÆWWZ QVKT]LQVO ITT NW]Z IV- chors and 13 cannon. Full recovery of the large artifacts such QAR archaeologists Wendy Welsh (left) and Chris Southerly (right) take a corrosion potential reading with a platinum electrode on Anchor 3. Image by Rick Allen, Nautilus Productions— ZI\M *TIKSJMIZL ZIV IOZW]VL off the coast of North Caro- TQVI QV \PM )\TIV\QK 7KMIV VMIZ *MI]NWZ\ 1VTM\ IVL _I[ TW[\ ]V\QT Q\[ LQ[KW^MZa QV !! ;QVKM \PMV IZKPIMWTW- OQ[\[ _Q\P \PM =VLMZ_I\MZ )ZKPIMWTWOa *ZIVKP =)* WN \PM 6WZ\P +IZWTQVI ,MXIZ\- UMV\ WN +]T\]ZIT :M[W]ZKM[ .WZ\ .Q[PMZ 6WZ\P +IZWTQVI PI^M ZMKWZLML \PW][IVL[ WN IZ\QNIK\[ NZWU \PM [PQX_ZMKS QVKT]LQVO A 14 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE January 2011 KI[\ QZWV KIVVWV IVL NW]Z _ZW]OP\ QZWV IV- lmost 300 years ago Queen Anne's Re- venge (QAR), the 200 \W \WV ÆIO[PQX WN \PM QVNIUW][ XQ- as the cannon and anchors isn't possible at the present time due to limited funding IVL QV[]NÅKQMV\ _M\ [\WZIOM [XIKM QV \PM lab, says Wendy M. Welsh, conservator and lab manager for the UAB's QAR +WV[MZ^I\QWV 4IJ )JW]\ \_W aMIZ[ IOW the UAB started an in situ corrosion monitoring and cathodic protection (CP) project on one of the QAR's major iron artifacts to determine its susceptibility to KWZZW[QWV I[ _MTT I[ ZML]KM Q\[ KWZZW[QWV potential and improve the stability of the iron. Welsh notes that monitoring the WJRMK\[ XZW^QLM[ \PM IZKPIMWTWOQ[\[ _Q\P IV indication of their condition and helps \PMU LMKQLM _PQKP WVM[ [PW]TL JM [MTMK\ML next for recovery based on the corrosion stability of one object over another.

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