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JUN 2016

Materials Performance is the world's most widely circulated magazine dedicated to corrosion prevention and control. MP provides information about the latest corrosion control technologies and practical applications for every industry and environment.

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8 JUNE 2016 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 55, NO. 6 WHAT'S ONLINE @ Corrosion Topics Discussed this Month at • What Do You Know about Inorganic Zinc Coatings?—Inorganic zinc silicate coatings, whether solvent- or water-borne, provide a number of unique challenges for the speci- fier and applicator. These coatings can pro- vide long-term protection to steel, especially in marine atmospheric environments. • Drones Help Detect Corrosion under Insulation—To address the challenges of detecting corrosion under insulation (CUI), two companies have partnered to provide remote imaging technology with unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) surveillance to inspect insulated piping and components. • Detecting Pipeline Stress Corrosion Cracking through Direct Assessment—External corro- sion direct assessment (ECDA), a structured process intended to assess, manage, and reduce the impact of external corrosion on pipelines, was used to detect stress corrosion cracking in a buried natural gas transmission pipeline in Pakistan. • Chemically Bonded Phosphate Ceramics Provide Corrosion Protection for Storage Tanks—A variety of industrial facilities with structures constructed of carbon steel are at risk of corrosion. An inorganic spray-on pro- tective coating technology provides corro- sion protection to metal through a chemi- cally bonded phosphate ceramic. • Localized Corrosion Failure of a Hydraulic Pipeline in a Subsea Gas Well—After 10 years of normal operation, a hydraulic circulation pipeline of a subsea gas production well failed at its bend zone due to internal local- ized corrosion attack. This appears to be related to crevice corrosion and pitting. • Nanocoatings Deliver Performance and Operational Advancements—Carbon nano- technology advancements and their use in a new coating addresses the ever-growing demand from asset owners to obtain sus- taining and economically viable coating solutions.

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