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JUN 2016

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10 JUNE 2016 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE THE BLOG NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 55, NO. 6 NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 55, NO. 6 EDITORIAL MA N AG I N G E D I TO R - I N - C H I E F Gretchen A. Jacobson E D I TO R Kathy Riggs Larsen T E C H N I C A L E D I TO R Norman J. Moriber, Mears Group, Inc. T E C H N I C A L E D I TO R E M E R I T U S John H. Fitzgerald III, FNACE CO N T R I B U TO R Husna Miskinyar GRAPHICS E L E C T R O N I C P U B L I S H I N G Teri J. Gilley CO O R D I N ATO R G R A P H I C S D E S I G N E R Michele S. Jennings ADMINISTRATION C H I E F E X E C U T I V E O F F I C E R Rober t (Bob) H. Chalker G R O U P P U B L I S H E R William (Bill) Wageneck A S S O C I AT E P U B L I S H E R Eliina Lizarraga ADVERTISING S A L E S MA N AG E R Diane Gross, +1 281-228-6446 A S S I S TA N T S A L E S MA N AG E R Claudia Archer, +1 281-228-6497 ACCO U N T E X E C U T I V E S Erica R. Cor tina erica.cor, +1 281-228-6473 Brian Daley, +1 281-228-6455 Pam Golias, +1 281-228-6456 Jody Lovsness, +1 281-228-6257 Leslie Whiteman, +1 281-228-6248 A DV E RT I S I N G CO O R D I N ATO R Brenda Nitz, +1 281-228-6219 R E G I O N A L A DV E RT I S I N G S A L E S The Kingwill Co. R E P R E S E N TAT I V E S Chicago/Cleveland/ New York Area–, +1 847-537-9196 NACE International Contact Information Tel: +1 281-228-6200 Fax: +1 281-228-6300 E-mail: Firstser Web site: EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Zahid Amjad Walsh University Raul A. Castillo Consultant Ir vin Cotton Ar thur Freedman Associates, Inc. David D. He PG&E Jerr y Holton Specialty Polymer Coatings USA, Inc. W. Brian Holtsbaum Corsult Associates (1980), Ltd. Russ Kane iCorrosion, LLC Ernest Klechka CITGO Petroleum Corp. Kur t Lawson Mears Group, Inc. Lee Machemer Jonas, Inc. John S. Smar t III John Smar t Consulting Engineer Jack Tinnea Tinnea & Associates, LLC L.D. "Lou" Vincent L.D. "Lou" Vincent PhD, LLC The following are excerpts f rom the NACE International Corrosion Net work (NCN) and NACE Coatings Net work . These are e-mail-based discussion g roups for corrosion professionals , with more than 3 ,000 participants . The excerpts are selected for their potential interest to a large number of NACE members . They are edited for clarit y and leng th . Authors are kept anony mous for publication . Please be advised that the items are not peer-reviewed , and opinions and sug gestions are entirely those of the inquirers and respondents . NACE does not g uarantee the accuracy of the techni- cal solutions discussed . M P welcomes additional responses to these items . They may be edited for clarit y. For information on how to subscribe to these f ree list ser vers , click on the "Corrosion Central " link and then "Online Corrosion Communit y List Ser vers" on the NACE Web site: nace .org. Recommended Thickness of FBE Coating Q: I have a client who requires the thickness of a fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) coating to be a minimum of 250 µm and maximum of 300 µm. If I apply more than a 300 µm thickness, what would the effect be? A: We apply FBE on a daily basis. FBE applied to 250 µm is a single layer coating process applied on pre- heated surfaces. Based on my experience, application of FBE up to 700 to 800 µm has little to no noticeable efects other than powder consumption (depending on your specifc application). Tat said, I rec- ommend you contact the powder manu- facturer for his recommendations for maximum allowable dry flm thickness

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