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JUN 2016

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51 NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 55, NO. 6 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE JUNE 2016 phologies and chemical elements of the f ra c tu re s w e re a n a ly z e d w ith a J S M - 6360L A † type scanning electron micro- scope (SEM) and the configurations were examined with an energy dispersive spec- trometer (EDS). In the ε-σ curve, the stress corrosion cracking (SCC) sensitivity index, I SCC , was defined as the ratio of characteristic pa- rameters in corrosive media and in air as shown in Equation (1): = × I I – I I 100% SCC air corrosion air (1) where I air was based on test parameters in the air (R e , R m , A, Z, P); and I corrosion was based on test parameters in the corrosive medium (R e , R m , A, Z, P). R e is yield strength, R m is tensile strength, A is elongation, Z is the section shrinkage, and P is the inner product. In this test, I SCC was expressed with a SCC sensitivity index of P (inner product). When I SCC >35%, the system has a high stress corrosion tendency ; when 25%

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