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JUN 2016

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CORROSION 2016 RECAP 64 JUNE 2016 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 55, NO. 6 Sunday, March 6, 2016 Monday, March 7, 2016 Opening Ceremony Features Olympic Torch Lighting Plenary Lecture Provides Historical Perspective on Materials and Technology The opening reception of CORROSION 2016 began with a dazzling Vancouver moment—the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron just outside of the convention center. At 32.8ft (10m) tall, the Cauldron was first lit by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky during the opening ceremony of the 2010 Olympic Games, and rarely has been relit since then. The sound of bagpipes flled Jack Poole Plaza as the Vancouver Police Pipe Band led guests back into the Convention Centre to enjoy the evening's festivities. Guests enjoy hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and stunning views of Vancouver Harbour at the opening reception, co-sponsored by Carboline Company and NACE International. Kenneth B. Tator, chairman of the board of KTATator, Inc. and member of NACE International for 47 years, spoke on "Material Science and Technology in the Digital Age—The Accelerating Pace of Human Knowledge" during his CORROSION 2016 Plenary Lecture on Monday morning. Starting with the Big Bang, when all matter and energy were naturally formed in the universe, Tator took the audience through a historical journey that encom passed the development of the solar system, formation of the earth, the evolu tion of life, and advances in technology. From the f lint tools of the Stone Age to the U.S. military 's first roomsize computer in 1946 to the cuttingedge technologies of today, he provided a perspective on how rapidly our world has changed and will continue to evolve, and in particular how it is affecting the protective coatings industry. A careerlong expert in coatings, Tator described the first evidence of paints mixed with red ocher pigments and applied on cave walls 164,000 years ago, the develop ment of epoxies in the early 1900s, zincrich paints in the 1940s, and finally the smart, selfhealing coatings and nanotechnologies used to prevent corrosion and biofouling today. "Never stop learning," Tator said. He cited the need for NACE to engage members of the younger generation who are adept at adopting and benefitting from the latest technologies and gave examples of how NACE is using digital publications and communications, online training, and other platforms to effectively interact with corrosion professionals and address their needs. He also stressed the importance During his Plenary Lecture, Ken Tator presented a historical perspective of human technological evolution as well as material and coating advances up to the present time.

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