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MAY 2017

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24 MAY 2017 MATERIALS PERFORMANCE NACE INTERNATIONAL: VOL. 56, NO. 5 Rust Preventive for Tight Tolerances Cortec Corp. (St. Paul, Minnesota) intro- duced the new VpCI-277, a ready-to-use dry film rust preventive designed for pre- serving metals in storage and transporta- tion. The need for the product arose from an automotive manufacturer that was using one of the company's products to protect parts during storage and overseas shipping. The manufacturer was pleased with the protection from applying a tena- cious film to metal parts. However, it needed a rust preventive with a drier film and lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to also meet its solvent-based specification. Cortec's research and devel- opment department solved the problem by developing the rust preventive that con- tains a bio-based corrosion inhibitor in a non-f lammable, low-VOC solvent carrier. The product combines film-forming addi- tives with vapor-phase corrosion inhibi- tors to provide excellent multi-metal cor- rosion protection, with a dry, non-tacky, virtually undetectable film left on the metal surface. The film is ideal for robotic assembly of precision components requir- ing tight tolerances, while helping to maintain a clean preservation process without an oily residue. Additionally, it does not contain chlorinated compounds, chromates, or nitrites. Tel: 1 800-426-7832, web site: Free Coatings Inspection Equipment Asset Management Program Industrial coatings specifications often require inspection equipment to have cur- rent calibration certificates, and it is com- mon practice for instruments to be recali- brated or serviced within one year of purchase. But it can be a huge burden for an instrument owner to manage multiple PRODUCT SHOWCASE Protect Your Assets AND Your People... Canadian Office: 780-447-1114 Email: U.S. Office: 918-805-7587 Website: Choose Safety Enhanced! Coatings Provide Protection from High-Temperature Corrosion Coatings and linings manufacturer Tnemec Co., Inc. (Kansas City, Missouri) introduced a new line of products built to provide durable protection for surface temperatures up to 1,200 °F (649 °C). The innovative Endura-Heat line of coatings offers performance against high heat, thermal shock, and corrosion under insulation. The coatings line consists of primers, direct-to-metal (DTM) coat- ings, and topcoats that can be combined in a vari- ety of systems to protect valuable steel and stain- less steel surfaces from corrosion. At the time of introduction, the coatings line includes seven products, ranging from a zinc-rich silicone primer to an advanced, multi-polymeric DTM coating. The new products offer several notable characteristics, such as high-film build and both ambient and heat-cure options. "These coatings are easily applied, versatile, and offered in a variety of standard colors with custom color matching available," says Chris Ard, industrial market manager. Tel: 1 800-863-6321, web site:

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